Exposing the bigotry of religion makes us bullies, apparently

What happens when your privileged place in society begins to erode? Well, like a spoiled child, you relentlessly accuse others of being mean bullies for not letting them have their way. It takes time to become an adult, but expecting religion to mature is unrealistic. Take Matt Barber: He’s accusing secularists of being “bullies”, and his solution is playground fare: punch them in the mouth, Christians!

How are we bullies, you might wonder? It must have something to do with the fact we’re done taking their shit sitting down. When these “culture warriors” try to dictate the reproductive rights of women, prevent gays from enjoying the same rights as the straight counter-parts, and stop stem cell research, fighting back makes us seem like we’re the bad guys. Good. Just try to punch me in the fucking mouth, Matt. See what happens.

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    Bram Kaandorp

    Religous Bigotry: When a religious person has an irrational dislike of someone because of what their religion told them.

    Not the official definition, but I thought it apt.

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    This phenomenon is, I think, one of the pillars people like Hitchens were talking about, especially when he said it poisons everything. In no other walk of life – except politics most likely – would such childish strong-arm behavior be tolerated. But, because religion is part of the personal identity, and underpins their ego, their family, their moral concept, etc., whenever religion is legitimately attacked, the person feels attacked. They don’t stop and think “hey wait a second, that’s a good point.” A perfectly reasonable objection will be seen as pernicious, even dangerous persecution.

    Look at how the Catholic Church is coughing up a lung over Obama’s modification of the healthcare law, resolving their original “it abridges my religious freedoms!” charge. Now it doesn’t (assuming it did to begin with), and they haven’t stopped the wailing and gnashing of teeth. And they’re still grinding swords over the LGBT adoption decision in Illinois last year, regardless of the fact that their position was exclusionary, bigoted, and broke the separation of church and state mxim when it comes to receiving tax money yet discriminating against others.

    This idiot’s comments are unsurprising. The religious right has been saying stuff like this for years, and they always like using their cloistered, unquestioned platforms to play the circus toughie.

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