Moving week

As many of you may know, I’m in the process of moving from Montreal to Calgary, and because these two cities are so crazy far apart, the actual move itself is going to take several days. That means posting and podcasts are going to slow down a bit until I’m settled in my new home. It doesn’t mean I’ll be disappearing (you can’t pull one of those and expect to make it far in Internetland); it just means with my podcast equipment all packed up, recording is going to be a problem.

Luckily I have a few spare shows kicking around I’ll be putting up. You should also take this opportunity to go back and visit old shows. They are still just as funny as the day we recorded them. With so few Montrealers wishing me a farewell, here’s hoping Calgary has a few more fans willing to hang out!

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    Hey Jacob! I’ll be moving to Calgary from Germany in August to start a PhD in physics. I’m certainly looking forward to hanging out with you!

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