That’s just sad…

There’s so much that’s sad with this video it’s hard to pinpoint which part stands out, so instead I chose the quotes I felt best represent her special brand of brainwashing:

“Me wearing Hijab is my relationship between me and Allah”

It’s always a good sign when your deity has an inherent distrust of the female form. Better cover it up, since it’s the only way you can be guaranteed someone won’t molest and rape you (sounds like you need a gun more than a bed sheet)!

“I’m not preparing myself for this world. I’m preparing myself for the world after this”

Is that the one filled with milk, honey, and a shitload of dark-eyed virgins? Why not actually try to enjoy the one world you know is real while you’re still around to experience it, girl?

“My intention is to please Allah, not the world”

That’s honestly what the rest of us find so frightening, lady! Your God has a bloodlust for anyone not affiliated with his misogynistic religion. The very meaning of Islam, submission, is not a word the rest of us find romantic or inspiring. All we see is a confused young woman who has some pretty naive ideas about the world.

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    Lol. When I first even heard about islam and saw people wearing this stupid thing I went around YouTube for a bit asking these girls if they were afraid god would light their hair a-flame.

    They’re probably more worried their men will do so.

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    Meredith West

    I am not super into cultural relativism; I see that the garment she so willingly wears is a very real symbol of her oppression. However, it is a bit pretentious to suggest that we in the west know what is better for her, just as the person who would force her to cover herself does. Sometimes owning an object of oppression can give a person the self efficacy they have so little of.

    Just a thought…

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