Living Waters still using “Croc-O-Duck” argument

Despite the fact the whole world makes fun of Ray Comfort and his lapdog Kirk Cameron over their “croc-o-duck” idea, it seems though the pair has decided this argument still holds water. If this is news to you, let me summarize the “theory”: because animals evolve slowly over time, Ray believes the process of transmutation would create strange hybrids. One such creature he nicknamed the “Croc-o-duck”, and because this animal doesn’t exist, it must mean that evolution doesn’t exist either! See how easy it is to knock a strawman down?

Despite the fact my 12 year old cousin could figure out the flaw in that logic, Ray has learned over the years if you repeat a lie often enough, someone will believe you. How else can you explain them using what is arguably the stupidest “rebuttle” in the world? Do they not realizeĀ it’s a fucking joke?

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    marcus brooks

    seems to me that people who believe that the earth is 3,000 years old prefer simple, finite answers. let’s take into account that modern physical science is a relatively new discipline. i guess from their time frame, 200 years is more than enough time for human beings to discover all the secrets of the universe and if we happen to fail to do so, they must be right. they seem to forget that the burden of proof or disproof is on them. science is making new discoveries about the world everyday and they are still relying on their tired old axioms about creationism.

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