The “Homosexual Agenda” is an immoral iceberg…

Actually, the odds of the Titanic hitting that iceberg were astronomically small; as it turns out, it was a series of poor decisions by the crew that led to the disaster. Had the ship actually crashed head on into the iceberg, it would have survived the impact. Ironically, it was their attempt to navigate around it that ultimately led to the ship sinking. So, if I can use their stupid metaphor against them for a moment, I would say that like all icebergs, the majority of it is hidden underwater. And like all icebergs, there is a ton of stored energy just waiting to be released. Am I done now? Can I stop comparing gay rights to a gigantic floating block of ice? It’s fucking ridiculous!

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    Notice how quickly they jump to “well if this is allowed suddenly there will be laws written against us specifically, and the government will start marching jack-booted helmeted troops into every church across the land”. And what will that jack-booted, helmeted reality look like, really? Churches standing right where they are now, believers coming and going freely, as down the street walk two men holding hands in peace.

    Hot damn, what an evil world we’re all in for…

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