Pay the tithe and tell your wife to get back in the kitchen

You hear that fellas? You’re the “high priest” of the household, which means you can do whatever the fuck you want. Wow, what a great deal, and all because I have a penis! If you’re a misogynistic, gullible idiot who would rather give your money to a bunch of scammers than pay your bills and take care of your family, then the Church has room for you, my friend!

(via American Jesus)

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    Ugh, not even gonna watch this. Penis = power, how typical. That would be like saying my huge rack makes me better than other women… they’re lumps of fat with milk glands. This guy’s a million years old, I doubt his even functions properly.

    “I can do things better than you can.” “What makes you saw that?” “This flesh-sack and nerve-sensitive tube hanging between my legs.”

    BTW, glad to see the site is up and running… I had trouble getting into it for a while.

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