Do we need religion to be a moral society?

Honestly, this is a silly question. It would be more accurate to ask “can we still be a moral society despite religion’s influence?” Let’s remember for a moment the world is still made a more miserable place because of sectarian infighting. How many regions of the world are currently engaged in immoral acts of violence against one another specifically in the name of their religion?

When the Catholic bishop chimes in his pointless opinion, he tries to argue religion is needed to provide a framework. Perhaps a few thousand years ago – before the advent of ethics and philosophy – this may have been true. But we’ve made leaps and bounds in our moral understanding since then, and there’s very little in “old world religion” that is in fact compatible with our modern sensibilities. When this pastor says of morality that “We start to make it up as we go along”, you’ve got to wonder if he’s even aware of the terrible irony of the statement he just made. Probably not.

Speaking of delicious irony, did you catch that black guy trying to argue that society is worse than it’s ever been? His audacity to cite his grandparent’s long standing marriage as an example (despite them living during a time of great racial prejudice) is a shocking degree of historical blindness. Try reading a fucking history book instead of the Bible, pal! And what about that woman claiming Islam encourages critical thinking…is that why the woman beside her was draped in a suffocating blanket? Lots of fucking critical thinking going on there, I’m sure.

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    The Catholic bishop’s contributions were, I thought, rather tame and predictable. In America, his use of the word “framework” would be explained as “objective moral values”. How they can insist on their god being objective when he’s explained himself to be quite jealous and subjective, is anyone’s guess. I saw someone’s response to a challenge in the replies to a religious news story the other day. This person claimed the Christian god has a perfectly fine right to be jealous, because anything not of him is bad, and anything of him is good, so why shouldn’t he be jealous against all the bad stuff?

    What inspiring logic.

    The Muslims were the ones I found most annoying here. They are making excuses for why they are all in different states of overly full garb, and using the same arguments as the Christians (not that I expected otherwise). But the one woman’s claim that if everything was secular, it would be one man’s word versus another’s when it comes to morality? And she’s part of a religion and she’s claiming this? Stupendous irony. The other gentlemen going on about the degradation of the family sounds right out of American conservative politics, and sounds no less backwardly nostalgic for some non-existent past that was better and more moral.

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