Romney attempts to use fear of secularism to gain votes

Oh religious people: you can never be sure if they love religion or secretly despise it. Why else would they resort to calling our free-thought movement “a religion” if not to criticize it? Obviously they recognize the fact that by definition, a religion is a creepy organization intent on pushing through their wacky agenda. While I agree this is a definite aspect of all religion, conflating our lack of belief with their dogma is both insulting and totally untrue. If atheism is a religion, than bald is a hair style.

That hasn’t stopped Mitt Romney from trying to scare the bejesus out of his faithful base. He recently tried to argue that Obama is intent on establishing a “new secular religion” that would reject all doctrine:

“I think there is in this country a war on religion,” Romney replied. “I think there is a desire to establish a religion in America known as secularism…an attack on one religion is an attack on all religion.”

Framing it this way makes sense for Romney: he needs a bunch of denominations that have hated each other for centuries to band together and help him fight the evils of scientific materialism. What is hilarious to note is the government is already in the business of establishing religion, albeit unofficially. Tax exemption, government funded abstinence programs, and religious organizations receiving government monies for their programs amounts to the same thing. For us “secularists” to compete, we would need to receive millions of dollars in subsidies, never pay any taxes, and have government sponsored student assemblies “preaching” common sense and rationalism. As you can probably guess, it’ll be a cold day in Hell when we get this kind of assistance. Hey, we’re the underdogs in this fight, but it won’t stop these fuckos from trying to paint us as the bad guys.

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    It amazes me how the religious right has been able to redefine secularism. While I know that there is not a single syllable that spews out of the mouth of that man that is genuine, it’s still amazing how a Mormon can say a single negative thing about secularism. If the United States was not the secular nation it is there is no way in hell his religion could ever have thrived the way it does. His fellow religious people would have torn it apart. And yet he has the audacity to vilify secularism. If I didn’t know that he was lying through his teeth: pandering to the crowd, I’d think he was a moron of epic proportions.

    But that just shows how stupid the crowd is. I routinely have the unfortunate experience of being disappointed with the intelligence of the American electorate. Day in and day out I think to myself, “they can’t possibly be that stupid” and yet they prove me wrong at every turn. Such a shame, I don’t think there is a better template for a country on this planet than the United States of America. But when it’s populated with people of this low caliber, it’s doesn’t amount to much.

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    Love what Bill Maher said about this too “atheism is a religion like abstinence is a sex position”. In Australia the religious right were quick to seize on the alliterative catch cry of “aggressive atheism” and for a while the media ran with this meme. What is clear is that whether it is labeling all atheists as “aggressive” or labeling atheism as a religion itself the tactics of the religious right to discredit atheism appear increasingly desperate.

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