TGA Podcast: Episode 163 3/4

TGA Podcast: Episode 163 3/4

This week, high school student Lincoln Rush joins me for a class project focusing on my ‘career’ as a podcaster. I try to answer his 23 questions and make sense of what it is I do. And so, because of the egotistical scope of the show, it’s for members only. Luckily, I’m weaning you off slowly, so you can listen if you join for free. It’s not addictive though. I swear.

[NOTE: Lincoln’s audio didn’t record very well, so apologies if he comes in very faint. Fortunately, I do so much of the talking you’ll barely notice. Yay narcissism!]

A brief history of Sophists (incorrectly called Stoics) and rhetoric
The deadly cult of Pythagoras
The ancient Akkadians and their similarity to America
Bradlee Dean’s ministry getting financed by¬†abstinence¬†programs monies
The Region where Italians speak French is called Aosta Valley (although it’s a pidgin French, so it sounds odd)
What is a “Bounce Rate”?
My Dream of remaking my own version of Shining Force (with Alexander the Great)

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    Sterling Knight

    “Do you know anything about Ancient Greek Stoics?”

    “No, we don’t learn anything in school.”

    This made me smile.

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    Jacob Fortin

    what’s really hilarious is that I was talking about Sophists, not Stoics. So joke is on me!

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    Shit man,where you really talking to another person?It did sound like you were asking yourself questions puntuacted by white noise from a hand drier…I managed to make it till the end of the show though,but that was just because I love you…

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