Canada does something cool

Canada does something cool, allows Transgender in pageant

It’s not every day you can feel proud of where you were born geographically. While most of you know how much I abhor patriotism, I am not immune from its power completely, especially when it’s something you can be proud of.

Jenna Talackova, the transgendered woman whose dreams were dashed last month when she was disqualified from the Miss Universe Canada pageant, is back in the running.

In a surprise reversal, the pageant, owned by business mogul Donald Trump, sent out a news release that said the 23-year-old from Vancouver would be able to compete at the 61st annual Miss Universe Canada Pageant next month after all.

This is, of course, a complicated issue. Sure, pageants are superficial displays of beauty, heavily influenced by Indo-European concepts of attractiveness (i.e., thin and blond, a tragically accurate description of Jenna). We get that. I also strongly object to the conceit of calling this very regional contest “Miss Universe”. Considering how isolated this corner of the galaxy is (where is all the fucking noise, Fermi?), I feel the need to point out that throughout this vast Cosmos, perhaps our species isn’t the only humanoid with nice fat deposits on their bodies. Maybe this quadrant of the Galaxy…that’s as far as I’ll go.

Still, this is a pretty big deal if you’re a transgender person. I mean, in the gay world, you’re the the equivalent of the unpopular kid who’s always picked last at dodgeball. And because many of them aren’t gay, they face their own crazy form of prejudice (yes, we really do suck this bad, but luckily candy is still sweet and snuggles are just as warm).

It’s a small victory, to be sure, but still a real one. If anything it gets people talking, and there’s no better way to spot a bigot than by letting them spew their hateful nonsense. Stay brave in the face of your critics, Jenna. I like the way you confuse my genitals.

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    Ashlee Kelly

    First time reading the website, long time listener to the podcast (well, I say “long time”). It’s nice to read an article that is pro-trans rights that isn’t from a trans perspective.

    That said, I do feel the piece is tarnished somewhat by the last line, “I like the way you confuse my genitals”. As a transwoman myself, I’ve never liked these kind of comments about people like me. We may be born male, but we are still women. It’s unfair on us to say we “confuse” you. And not to nitpick, but it’s this kind of thinking that can lead down the whole “transwomen trick straight men” route, which is an excuse commonly used to justify physical and verbal abuse against us.

    That aside, I’m glad you’ve highlighted a success in the trans community. I just hope your last comment isn’t reflective of the way you see us 🙂

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    Dave Ansell

    Hey Ashley, I can’t speak for Jacob, but the comment you are objecting to doesn’t indicate that to me. It’s more about appreciating the challenge to question one’s own preconceptions of gender identity and sexual attraction. For those of us who are trying to understand ourselves, events like this are paradgm expanding.

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