Cancer is a fungus, says David Icke

If you’ve never heard of David Icke, then consider yourself fortunate. The man has been giving me migraines for years. While I would like to describe David as a conspiracy theorist, it would be more appropriate to call him THE Conspiracy Theorist. He’s written 18 books, most of which focus on the idea that a Global Elite of (basically) Jewish lizard-men are behind everything that’s ever gone wrong with humanity, from religious division to global wars. Like all CT’ers, David relies on pseudo-history. In the early drafts of his book And the Truth Shall Set you Free, his extensive writings of the great hoax Protocols of the Elders of Zion¬†and his denials of the Holocaust prompted his publishers to drop him.

When he isn’t busy arguing that the moon is actually a space-craft that beams a false reality to us (think a combination They Live and The Matrix), he’s taking on ‘Big Pharma’, and their effort to suppress the evidence that cancer is actually caused by a fungus, and not the runaway mutation of cells:

Big Pharma has no desire to cure cancer when it is making vast fortunes from treating the symptoms with devastating drugs and cell-killing, people-killing poisons like chemotherapy. But it is not primarily even about money. The bloodline families want people to suffer and die earlier than necessary as a way of culling the population.

This is why when anyone outside the Big Pharma cabal discovers an effective way of treating cancer they are immediately targeted by the medical establishment and government agencies.

The fungus he’s referring to is Candidia, lives in the body and is mostly harmless or (in some cases) helpful. Like all inter-species relationships, things can sometimes get complicated, and Candidia can cause yeast infections or even death for people with compromised immune systems. Icke claims all cancer is in fact caused by this fungus alone, and a treatment of baking soda alone would cost almost nothing and cure this deadly disease. This idea was ‘pioneered’ by an Italian scammer named Tullio Simoncini, who has already sent people to early graves peddling this nonsense.

I wonder how many minds David Icke has poisoned with his insanity? Perhaps in his deluded mind he sees himself as the good guy, but when you peddle this kind of dangerous nonsense for a living, there are terrible consequences for those too foolish to see through the lies.

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    Lots of info. about this somewhat misguided ex-BBC sports presenter here:
    I wonder if working for the Beeb turns somebody like this?

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    Baking Soda DOES in fact reduce carcinogenic tumors. It is being studied in Tucson right now.

    Scientists who have extensively studied the cancer microbe claim it most closely resembles the type of bacteria that cause tuberculosis and leprosy – so called “mycobacteria”. Mycobacteria are closely related to fungi; and some microbiologists claim mycobacteria are essentially derived from “higher” fungi. “Myco” in Greek, means fungus. Mycobacteria are considered fungus-like bacteria.

    So cancer may in fact be a form of fungus… that thrives on sugar. Aflatoxin is a fungus found in many grains. It is also a known carcinogen in humans. If you researched it, it wouldn’t seem so far-fetched.

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    Here’s an old post (2009) from ScienceBlogs’ resident oncologist, Orac, talking about this specific issue. The key quote is:

    “The reason that sodium bicarbonate is provided as part of a chemotherapy regimen is not to treat the tumor, but to protect the kidneys. Some chemotherapy regimens cause massive tumor cell lysis, and alkalinization of the blood with large doses of sodium bicarbonate helps prevent uric acid from tumor cell lysis from precipitating in the kidney and causing renal failure if urine pH can be kept above 7.0.”

    So, yeah, not so much treating cancer with baking soda as it is keeping your kidneys from assploding. If I may paraphrase commenter “G” above, “When you research it, it seems totally far-fetched.”

    Thanks, Jake.

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    That is strange. I was told “sodium”, especially in larger amounts was detrimental to the kidneys. Baking soda is also known as “sodium bicarbonate” (“sodium”), making it hard on the kidneys and perhaps increasing blood pressure.

    “Certain patients have different kidney functions and they clear that baking soda from their system at different rates,” he said. “So it becomes very dangerous if you’re taking too much baking soda, it can burn out their kidneys or their bladder, or if they’re not taking enough, there is no therapeutic effect.”

    So, finding that proper balance for each patient is what Dr. Pagel’s new research will involve.”

    Baking soda has been a known to treat thrush (fungus), candida (fungus), yeast (fungus), jock itch (fungus), athlete’s foot (fungus), colds, acidic pH, indigestion, etc. for quit some time. It is nothing new.

    But I don’t see how sodium bicarbonate could be considered beneficial for the kidneys, as a general rule. Plenty of clean water would probably be better for the kidneys.

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    Otto Warburg (1883-1970) also wrote about oxygen’s relationship to the pH of cancer cells internal environment. Since fermentation was a major metabolic pathway of cancer cells, Warburg reported that cancer cells maintain a lower pH, as low as 6.0, due to lactic acid production and elevated CO2. He firmly believed that there was a direct relationship between pH and oxygen. Higher pH means higher concentration of oxygen molecules while lower pH means lower concentrations of oxygen.

    Cancer cannot survive an alkaline environment where there is plenty of oxygen. German biochemist Otto Warburg earned double doctorates in chemistry and medicine, and won the Nobel Prize in 1931, for his research into cellular respiration, showing that cancer thrives in anaerobic (without oxygen) or acidic conditions.

    I’d also like to add that when one consumes trans-fats, (hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated oils) these toxic man-made fats become incorporated into your cells. Trans-fats can impede the normal cellular exchange that lets nutrition (i.e. essential fatty acids, magnesium, etc) and oxygen in, and wastes out. Hypoxia, or lack of oxygen in the tissues, is the result. Hypoxia (low pH) seems to be the prime cause of cancer. It is a also a perfect breeding ground for fungi. Adding a high sugar, high-carb, insulin spiking diet to that obviously creates a perfect storm in the body for cancer.

    Care for a donut?

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    The article you linked to talks about basically what Orac mentioned in the quote from my comment, except instead of using alkaline baking soda to help the kidneys deal with an acidic overload from cancer cell lysis, it’s using baking soda to stop cancer cells from relasing what amounts to lactic acid into its close environment in the body, thus controlling tumor growth to some extent.

    I didn’t see anywhere in the article you linked or any others where cancer is referred to as a fungus. That idea seems to be relegated to quack sites and is not supported by any science.

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    Here’s an interesting quote for you regarding cancer being a fungus.

    John Hopkins U Patent States Case

    The most useful proof that fungi cause cancer, can be found at the Patent Office. To review an effective but suppressed cure for all fungal related diseases such as cancer and diabetes, go to the United States or Canadian Patent Office and look up “fatty acid syntheses”. Locate the 1992 patent document number 2,181,031: Inhibitors of fatty acid syntheses as antimicrobial agents. Also go to the John Hopkins University website for additional details. Here you will discover, pardon me, uncover, a patent for a non-toxic method to block ergosterol production.

    The mechanism is very simple. Fungi must first make a fat or lipid (sterol) to make ergosterol. Fungal cells can only make sterols from carbohydrates. Human cells can make sterols from both carbohydrates and ingested fats. By blocking the enzymes required to produce sterols from carbohydrates, fungi cannot produce ergosterol. However, human cells can continue to produce cholesterol from ingested fats and stored fats. As a consequence, there is no toxicity to the human cells, but fungi cannot multiply.

    By reviewing the patent claims, you learn that the fatty-acid-synthesis blocker is a common drug called cerluenin. Stedman’s Medical Dictionary defines cerluenin as effective for stimulating digestive secretions, gallbladder contractions, and release of insulin. It also inhibits fatty acid synthesis. [from: Cephalosporium caerulea, from which it is isolated] (Hydrazine sulphate acts in much the same manner in cancer patients – Editor, Alkalize For Health).
    AFH Library

    Also read the book, “Cancer is a Fungus” by Dr. T. Simoncini

    It is true that lactic acid lowers the pH of the body which creates a perfect environment for diseases and fungi. A higher body pH reduces the risk. Cancer cannot survive in an alkaline body. Baking soda in the diet helps to create an alkaline body. So do minerals such as Magnesium, Potassium, and Calcium. Sugar, trans-fats, and insulin spiking carbs in the diet create a perfect environment for cancer. Of course chlorinated water and fluoride (See: Dr. Dean Burk) just compound the problems.

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    all of the diseases are dangerous whether they are huge or little at a stage they are all deadly and we should be really carefull about them. its really good that you are informing people about them so no one gets seriously ill and damaged with these diseases.

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