Reason Rally Meetup

Judging from the forums, I’m assuming that some of you are bad at Internet stalking and still have no idea what I look like. You’ll be pleased to know that my cartoon avatar is a pretty spot on representation of me in a 2D Universe, complete with smugness. I’m finishing my About Me page (it’s only been 4 years, Jake…) and I’m including a picture taken by a friend of mine, Jeff Rodier. He’s done tons of good photography, including some beautiful ones of Carisa doing cool shit.

You can see all the details of the event by visiting this handy Google Doc presentation courtesy of my new bodyguard, Marine Lena Brokob. She’ll be helping to coordinate the first meeting, which will take place in front of the ticket booth at the Washington Monument where we’ll be giving out promotional stickers, magnets, and a cool pamphlet I made.

Once the Rally winds down, we’ll all be headed to Greydon Square’s After Party. After speaking with event coordinator Mandisa Thomas, she agreed to keep the price at the door to 20 bucks. Small price to pay to help support an awesome artist and fledgling organization! Our presence there will help them out, and it’ll be a fun place to hang out.

Any other questions should be directed at the forum page. I’ll hopefully see you all there!

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