Drunk on Invisible Wine

Why not? They seem to be having a lot of weirdo fun at this big fancy tea party. It seems though that some of them forgot their dolls, and I don’t see a lot of security blankets around, do you? Here’s a thought: after you’re done playing pretend, do you mind not trying to convince the rest of the planet that what you experienced was anything other than your imagination, please? The rest of us trying to live life in reality would love it if you stopped cheapening objective truth with your fucking nonsense. Thanks.

(via Christian Nightmares)

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    Sterling Knight

    Now, just light three people around you on fire. Okay, this isn’t going to happen, but what bothered me was that once people started doing it, they looked like they were tickling each other. The idea of setting your friend on fire while being so content about the idea and joyous while performing the act is disturbing for me; even if none of it was real. I also pictured this being a beginning to an episode of The X-Files where everything is going fine until people actually start bursting into flames.

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    The Doubter

    Very disturbing video indeed!
    Having children coerced by adults to follow their actions, is at its best foolish and at worst instilling ideas of setting people on fire as acceptable and normalised conduct………….utter madness. Using showmanship of this type to programme his flock with ritualistic nonsense!!! Very sad!!

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