Reason Rally, Here I Come?

What a strange morning! I wake up to find a substantial donation in TGA’s coffers, and suddenly, the event of the year, Reason Rally 2012 seems like a real possibility! Of course, this is all happening pretty quickly and if I want to make this happen, I’m going to need help. Here’s the list of things I need to make next weekend happen:

I need a place to crash
Obviously, finding a place to crash would be a huge hassle. Things looked booked solid, and while the donation was generous, I’m still not swimming in money. [NOTE: I appear to have this figured this one out]

Need a ride there
There are probably quite a few Canadians headed to this thing, and if there are, I would love to find a fan willing to split the cost of going there. I’m currently in Montreal, but I’m willing to travel to Toronto if necessary.

I need a ride back to Canada
The same applies above. I’m going to need to come back eventually, so figuring that out would be prime.

I need a coordinator
Is there someone willing to help coordinate things so that we can find a venue, or a place where TGA fans can come and hang out as well? Preferably someone with internet or mobile access (since I will have none).[NOTE: That’s taken care of too!]

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    My hubby and I have a spare bedroom you can crash in. I live right outside DC, and will be attending via metro.

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    Well, I’ve got an iPhone…I do everything on this thing (for instance, posting this), and my wife and I have been to DC around five or six times in the past two years, so…eh. I was thinking of picking up an external battery for my phone due to the amount of usage I planned for it on Saturday (videos and pictures aplenty), but if you’re going, I’m using you as an excuse to get one. 🙂

    I don’t know much about venues over there, other than the Mall area and the abundance of awesome museums…I’ll spend the majority of tomorrow researching other, more sociable areas to gather in, and hopefully I’ll be able to throw some ideas out onto the Forums pages.

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