The Genesis Code looks awful

Movie premise: a Christian girl finds her faith and her budding career as a scientist conflicting. A young hockey player, who has lost his belief in non-sense, will find his way back to magic when a group of students discover that The Bible doesn’t conflict with science (even though it fucking obviously does). Liberal academics attempt to erode their faith, but luckily God wins and an old woman is disallowed from having her brain-dead body terminated. So much drama!

I love the whole premise of the movie: What if both science and faith were true? Well, then we would live in an extremely confusing world that would make no sense, of course! Miracles would regularly challenge the known laws of nature, making any attempt to measure them effectively useless. It would also mean that our ancestors were the result of multiple instances of inbreeding, a sure fire way for any species to book a ticket to Extinction-ville. It would also mean that diseases were the result of evil spirits and not germs, that witchcraft is real (remember, even Moses’ brother Aaron did some magic), and that the sky is a giant ocean (remember how God parted the waters?). Yeah, not so much.

Here’s a great article debunking this crappy movie and any pathetic claims they make. Worth the read!

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    Bram Kaandorp

    I love that they say “what if”, when in fact they already think that it’s the case.

    So they’re making a speculative film about something they think is actuality.

    That would be akin to making a science fiction movie with the tagline “what if we could talk to each other from anywhere?”

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    I evolved from an ape, whats your excuse?

    Wow, what a total piece of shit. Retarded premise, stupid actors and I just have to say i’d rather have my eyes taped open and be forced to watch “The View” for 18 hours than watch this movie.

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    Your right, this movie is trash.

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    Blah, Blah

    Blah, Blah, Blah…

    All I hear from evolutionistic, Big Bang beleiving thoristical atheist is Blah, Blah, Blah. Let’s face it, you people don’t even beleive in science for crying out loud. At best, you pick a crazy idea and run around the rest of the world screaming that your idea is truth. All an atheist is is just a acred little baby sitting in a corner somewhere sucking your thumb, rocking back and forth crying for your mommy!! At least take a stand on something for crying out loud. Atheists are just too afraid to commit to anything. I’m not new, I’ve met and seen just about every kind of person there is to meet, I’ve listened to all the rants from all the various views too and the overwhelming biggest chicken of them all is the person that say’s; “I don’t beleive in anything”. How fucking convinient for you ya fucking pussy

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    Mr. Blah, blah. What a retarded thing to say. What do we believe in? We believe in reason, we believe in what can be backed up by facts and logic not superstition. We believe in a world where everybody should live tolerant and respectful of their neighbors and not fight over whose god is the right god or the true god. We believe in the advancement of humanity as a whole and not egocentrically focus on what good we can do to go to a heaven. Don’t be so quick to judge atheists. Sure, there may be retarded atheists that only say “I dn’t believe in anything” without any structured argument, but not all are like that. Nor like most of your religious brethren is not one to be judging people for what they believe in… or are they?

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    Its really hard to comment on something you have not seen. I watched the movie, because I am looking for answers, on a personsal spiritual path. However, what it did for me, was prove that ANYTHING is possible….By giving the ANYTHING a name, that is where we fall down…maybe the answer will come when we are ready…But the whole time on a two frames of reference thing, is a science fact…What ever is out there has decided to remain seperate……The movie SHOULD be raising more scientific questions such as if the 6 days of creation (which by the way …for those who have not seen the movie ) follow in almost perfect order of how the earth formed scientifically is an example of time differnces , one at the speed of light, does the number of the beast have any relavence ? is it a time period before the 7th day , where there is peace and harmony and understanding and knowledge of , not only this great planet, bt the universe as well…….is blows the door open for extra terrestrials, god and anyone else with the power to create this mysterious masterpiece we stand upon.

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    What I see here and on creationists sights alike is people calling this movie stupid for every reason other than the title of it suggests. I like any movie that can make both atheists and creationists squirm equally well together!

    People attack this movie by pointing out things they think are facts in science and scripture that are totally unrelated to the message of the movie. What I don’t see is creationists disputing the science of the move and atheists disputing that the biblical account is somehow different from the science presented in the movie. Makes one wonder if two diametrically opposed types of people will ever agree on anything. Meanwhile, those who can accept that science and spirituality, even though there is some bunk by people in both, can live as brothers while the most of the only creatures we know of that are capable of understanding both symbiotic views will choose to fight in opposition to uphold a personal singularity.

    It is the human condition that must be overcome, not science or faith. I think secretly, science and spirituality has had a long love affair that ignorance and hate, on both sides, is jealous of.

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    Donny Doodlesnik

    Your all dumb!! You think dinosaurs are 80 millinon years old DAHHHHHHHH ok they are.. DAHHHHHHH. Bunch a retards that think they are smart. Someone told me thats why I believe it DAHHHHHHH.

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    Richard J. Woerner

    Hey SEMS, my I use your comments for my articles, I found them interesting?

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    Clearly The Science Has Become A Religion On Its On And Facts Is Its Bible.
    Science Spends Alot Of Time Trying To Prove The Bible Wrong Instead Of Trying To Prove It Right.
    The Bible Is A History Book And We Cant Rewrite History. We Cant Add Something New To It.
    Its Like We All Try To Find Something To Dissagree About.
    Why Cant We Find A Common Balance. Stop Placing Ourselves In Groups, They Tear Us Apart.
    Find A Constant, Something We Can All Agree On. Cause I Think Thats What This Movie Is Actually About.
    Even Atheists Have Their Beliefs,
    They Believe Something Caused All This And That May Not Be God But That Cause Is The Constant That We Seek.
    Hence We Should Build From That Not Completely Tear Down.
    Cause As Christians That Doesnt Make Us Very Good In God’s Eyes When We Destroy And As Scientists We Live To Better The World But What Good Is It To Kill The Hope Thats Governing Your Friends Life, Maybe Even Keeping Them Alive.
    We Are Only As Strong As Our Weakest Link.
    We Should Looking For A Bond Not A Broken Bridge…!!i!

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    I just truly feel sorry for the so-called athiests. I’ve only met one person in my life who I truly believe WAS athiest, because he really didn’t care if someone else believed in God. That was fine by him. By contrast, all other athiests I’ve ever met and, yes, read rantings of online, prove to me they are very angry individuals. Most of these folks are mad at God, for one reason or another. “I used to believe in God, but then He didn’t answer my prayers for . . . . ” and so on.

    Facts, you say? You want proof? Well, I can absolutely promise you that you will have your proof one day. But if you wait until that day, it will be too late for you. I suggest you open your minds and get into the Bible — deep into it. Really study all the foretellings about Jesus, his birth, life, and death in the Old Testament. Proof here? There are WAAAAAYYYY too many of these for a man to just happen to come along who fulfills every one of these predictions. Not mathmatically possible. And these were written thousands of years prior. Just one point for you. Get reading . . .

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    Chris Tranovich

    I was looking for a trailer for this movie and I ended up here. Question for you, if you are so against there being a god, why then do you dedicate so much of your time about God? Let me try putting this another way, I don’t believe in little green men, so i am not going to bother watching or reading stuff about the subject. I also wouldn’t have a web site informing every one I don’t believe in little green men. Maybe because I’m on the other side of the fence I see things differently. I’m sure a lot of “Christians” have been jerks to you (putting it mildly) For that I’m sorry because there are a large number of people who claim to be Christians that just don’t get it. I’m not going to argue theology with you, I just wanted to let you know about the little green men.

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    Chris R

    I saw this movie and the idea they present through general relativity is interesting. It is a fact that Gravity has an affect on time. They have done experiments using atomic clicks in space and on earth and have noticed differences. It is true that there are questions about how the flood could fit into this. Let me be clear on one thing about Evolution and Creationism: Both are outside the realm of science proper. Science is defined as what is observable , testable and repeatable. Origins can never be proven with either method. So don’t try and say that creation isnt science and evolution is science. Neither of them are science. Furthermore: The Bible and Creation uses deductive reasoning. If premise A is true and Premise B is true and premise A relates to premise B then The conclusion has to be true: e x: God created eveything, I am something conclusion God created me. Athiest would argue that they don’t accept your premise. Evolutuon uses inductive reasoning which can never prove anything, only probabilities.

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    Chris R

    One thing to clarify things about the evolution we are talking about. We are talking about macro evolution not micro evolution. Christians agree with micro evolution.

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    Why this catches the attention of a dangerous religious order, and whether Lassiter can save one surviving woman and child from their wrath, should take up a good part of your night.

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