Homophobic Lecture at Dunkerton High School

I had never heard of “You Can Run But You Cannot Hide International” (quite possibly the most terrifying name for an anti-gay organization), but after seeing this video of one of their horrible “lectures”, I thought I might do a little digging on these scumbags. It turns out this organization has a habit of tricking schools into allowing them access to students through abstinence funded programs (your hard earned tax dollars at work). Some of their methods are extreme to say the least: in 2007, they showed graphic images of aborted fetuses, and made the girls sing a misogynistic song about submissiveness. Parents were less than amused, but the group continues to operate with impunity.

Their website is slick for a reason: over the years they’ve received funding from rich and powerful individuals, chief among them is Michelle Bachmann, who shares their extreme attitudes in regards to homosexuality. Their blog posts range from “Birther” conspiracies to creationism with a little paranoia mixed in. The founder Bradlee Dean is a straight talker, encouraging violence and bullying in his endless crusade to try and “restore America to its Biblical and Constitutional foundation” (a shockingly ignorant statement if I’ve ever heard one).

On the plus side, they seem to have few fans on Facebook, and almost no shares. I guess not everyone is proud to be associated with these dickholes!

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    Why I Oughta!

    I don’t get why no teachers are calling bullshit or at least leaving in protest… you would not catch me still having a job in that school if I was aware of that crap going on! Good luck to the kids who are trying to figure out right from wrong!

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    Brian Hinson

    Astonishing… nothing but propaganda, lies, distortions and thinly veiled religious instruction.

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    Horrible. I don’t know the age of those kids in there but I bet some of them know a homosexual person and were horrified at what they were hearing. I understand why they didn’t walk out. At school you’re taught to respect elders, and walking out would’ve been risky for them.

    I walked out of the morning assembly at my secondary school (in the UK) when they started singing Christian hymns and praying. I refused to deal with *their* god, and these kids should do whatever they can to make sure no one else has to be subjected to lectures like this.

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    Sterling Knight

    This is why I wish this had happened at my high school, because I actually would have stood up and called him on his shit.

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