TGA Podcast: Episode 161 1/2

TGA Podcast: Episode 161 1/2

This week, Carisa joins me as we talk about the viral video campaign known as ‘Kony 2012’, and we also answer a fan’s email asking “Where do you get all your information”. For those of you who want all those links we mentioned, you’ll find them all in the notes below:

Atheist Feed
Friendly Atheist
Christian Nightmares
Debunking Christianity
Jesus is Love
Atheist Media Blog
Atheist Revolution
Sam Harris’ Blog
Jesus & Mo
Atheism Soup
Unreasonable Faith
Martin S Pribble

Science Feed
The Loom
Scientific American Blogs
Wired Science
Wired Science Blogs
BBC Science News
The Big Blog Theory
Starts with a Bang
Deep Sea News
The Panda’s Thumb
Ben Goldacre

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    I vote “No” on that giving Jacob some kind of punishment for lateness thing. Apart from it being a messed up idea to begin with, it will only make his job suck. Also if he’s already late it’ll make him want to put the episode off even longer.

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    Richard Kurgas

    I haven’t watched the Kony 2012 video, but from what I’ve heard about it, the intent is to get the US to militarily intervene in Uganda. Personally, I think my country should get out of the Imperialism business altogether, and quit getting involved with wars all over the planet. We’re already sending “advisers” over there. We haven’t really been able to help the inept, corrupt government (who also have outlawed homosexuality), so we’re sending more “advisers”. Sounds a lot like how we ended up mired in Viet Nam.

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