Teen Exorcists scare the crap out of me

I’m trying to identify what part of this video terrifies me the most. Is it the fact that these girls were performing dangerous exorcisms in Africa, a nation plagued by deadly superstitions? Is it the creepy, prideful grins on their faces as they enthusiastically nod to each other, casually describing doing one of these messed up seances to one of their non-believing friends? Is it their certainty that a year’s worth of training in Dungeons and Dragons level fantasy bullshit prepares them to identify demonic possessions? There’s so much terrifying crap going on in this video that I’m starting to feel numb.

I’ll say one thing for sure: I’m angry at all the softball questions Anderson keeps lobbing at them. How about some tough questions regarding the fucking dangers of exorcisms, Andy? ┬áIf you can’t even knock down the pathetic beliefs of a 17 year old girl, you’ve got to try and figure your journalistic shit out, pronto.

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    Isaac Swords

    What I want to know is: Was the exorcism of their friend consensual? Did they just grab her and psychologically rape her?

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    Is that Brainwashing or Brain spoiling?

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    Those girls’ answers sound WAY too practiced, particularly the redhead.

    Headaches and dilated pupils, eh? Hmm, could be a brain aneurysm… nah, demonic possession is the logical answer.

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    I didn’t see all of this program, only this short clip. I don’t know if Anderson Cooper challenged them on their bull shit, but I’m guessing not. One of the main problems with our media, is their lack of journalism skills. What happen to the search for the truth? There was a time when “journalists” actually employed critical thinking.

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    C Conti

    I know it must be hard to find topics for a daily talk show. Exorcism?
    At least, bring us some creepy looking catholic priest with blood spatter on his shirt collar.

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