TGA Podcast: Episode 161

TGA Podcast: Episode 161

After months of trying to wrangle this interview, I finally have Greydon Square on the show to talk candidly about his past, the assault of Brian Sapient, and the future of his music. At 2 hours, get ready to sit back and enjoy the show. If you love the show, remember to become a patron. UPDATE: Here’s his Ustream link of the same interview, show him some support.

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    Carl Flynn

    Amazing podcast, especially considering that you weren’t both in the same room together.

    The negative: I spent hours researching The Kardashev Scale and Dyson Spheres, instead of working on my law school apps…..

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    Haven’t listened to this yet; but just wanted to say I’m really enjoying the return to consistent podcasts! Wouldn’t mind some filghtlinker episodes once in a while either…just sayin’

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    deedee debree

    Two gratuitous F-bombs in the first minute or so. Don’t think I will be coming back anytime soon. Really, is there a need for this? Is atheism R-rated? Or can it be a family affair?

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    Russell Bulmer

    What a great interview! I say interview… more of a chat: but I think that format really works for you.

    PS – You will clearly beat him in the Sci-Fi nerd-off. And you really should do it, I think it would be a great show.

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    Sapient = fraud, manipulator, thief, ..
    Sapient is not his real name, I blew the whistle on him (and his atheistnetwork thugs long ago)

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