Kony 2012

Fighting the evils of religion doesn’t get more visceral than this, people. The Lord’s Resistance Army is a Christian extremist group lead by Joseph Kony, a man who claims to be a conduit for the Holy Spirit. While his organizations goals seem difficult to pinpoint (he seems to be literally a psychotic maniac), his demands often sound terrifyingly familiar to the enemies of theocracy.

The list of atrocities committed under his leadership are too many to name, but this movie does a good job of putting a human face to the tragedy. Jacob, who shares my name, is used to illustrate the fact that there are still many monsters out there to fight. Although our goals are peaceful, we cannot be complacent to the atrocities that are still being afflicted on others. Tell everyone you know about Joseph Kony, and let’s help bring this monster to justice.

There’s a timeframe to all of this, and there’s a real chance we could fail. 2012 is it. I guess it is for a lot of people, isn’t it?

NOTE: Fellow Canadians, one of the 12 influential people is Prime-Minister Stephen Harper. You all know I’m not a rich man, but I’ve ordered their posters and come April 20th, I’ll be doing my part in Toronto, Canada. Who’s with me?

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    Brian Lang

    I’ve seen some comments on Facebook that this may be unnecessary – that Kony is already dead. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=348534831858041&set=a.284444838267041.74398.284438941600964&type=1&ref=nf Not sure if they’re real or not.

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    Yeah, more and more info is coming out about the charity organisation behind Kony 2012.


    I still support the general idea, but can’t financially support the organisation.

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    Jacob Fortin

    Did you read the full article? He’s using a pretty weak reasoning to defend Kony’s actions. It sounds like the opinions of someone who is far removed from the situation. I’m not suggesting that their solution is perfect, but the notion that he’s making shit stable in Uganda and is therefore worth keeping isn’t a worthy argument. It seems to suggest that it’s impossible for people to govern themselves: only the brutal yoke of dictatorship keeps the masses from annihilating one another. Kony is a personality cult, not a force to great government.

    As for their charitable status, I can’t comment. i can only say that their approach is the most brilliant, and the one most likely to catch on. There are certain cultural forces that have the ability to make a movement, and i think this one qualifies. I am not against social enterprise (not, i am not a charity, and yet I still try to do good deads).

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    No, I’m not going to defend Kony, but…what’s the point of this Kony movement? To ‘bring him to justice’? From the oh-so-slight research I’ve done, people are already trying to kill him; it’s not like nobody knew about him. The police aren’t going to just go up to his house and knock on the door and arrest him, have a fair trial, and give him the death penalty – when he’s spotted (if they can find him), he will be shot immediately.

    To shoot him, you need to first find him, and you’ll have to send soldiers in, and soldiers will die. Or bomb the place, and innocents will die. Or spend billions of dollars on surveillance, and that just fuels the war machine and lines the pockets of people that should not have lined pockets. All of this is NOT a simple process, and all of this should NOT have a deadline of ten months. It should happen, but insisting that it should happen before the end of the year is insanity…seriously? Nobody ever considers logistics.

    I do admit, it is a splendid demonstration of social media’s power, but…dammit, I’d rather have a viral campaign detailing a reasonable action plan rather than a bunch of people pointing at a problem and offfering no solution whatsoever other than ‘throw money at it’ and ‘let the government figure it out’.

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    Jacob Fortin

    Brandon, I don’t see any other campaigns doing what these guys are doing. Trust me, there’s lots I don’t like about these guys (including the fact that he recently said he thinks he’s on a mission from God), but I hate Kony a lot more, and my involvement in it is simply down to the “raising awareness” end. I think that this campaign could have other implications as well, and some of the tactics they are using are brilliant.

    As for where their money goes, they admitted that they treat it more like a business, and I really don’t have a problem with that. It’s social enterprise, and I think people need to make money doing good. The two are not incompatible.

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    Carson Ogen

    I want this film maker on my side… on OUR side shit. I actually cared while watching but then remembered our/my own suffering. Sending rapists and murderers to stop rapists and murderers just don’t seem white… I mean right. When Atheists stop behaving as their Christian counter parts, we might start becoming effectual. If exposure is their plan then they’ve succeeded. They don’t need my money nor my precious time.

    The famous child molesting nigger said it best: You want to make the world a better place take a look at yourself and make the change.

    Who do I have to kill to get cool posters and movies made of ME!

    Jacob, no one is suffering more than you dude. Girlfriend is gone, living with mom… shit. No wonder you want to focus on Kody. Just saying…

    STOP MAKING CRIME PAY. No one should benefit from crime… even those opposed to crime. WHAT FUCKING BULLSHIT! WAKE THE FUCK UP!

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    Kony hasn’t been in Uganda for several years. Anyone who reads the news on a daily basis would know this. This charity organization is a scam, only 30% of their profits go to helping children which is a criminal amount for a charity. I’m all for stopping the terrible things going on in Africa, but propagating the “Kony 2012” nonsense just simplifies every problem in Africa to one easy-to-solve package and makes it so that people don’t feel the need to educate themselves on what’s really going on. The religion of the LRA is irrelevant, because that’s not WHY he’s raping little girls and kidnapping/arming/addicting children. It’s HOW. Well, one of the hows. Getting caught up in the trendy “Kony 2012” ‘movement’ is just a sign of how deep the US is hiding under the sand.
    Our news has been talking about this for DECADES, but one scam artist posts an internet video and WHAM, it makes a difference. Stop Kony, yes. But don’t support the assholes who are capitalizing on the US’s willful ignorance.

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