Jesus, Don’t Let Me Die Before I’ve Had Sex

When’s the last time you saw any boobs in a movie? They used to be everywhere in the 80’s. You could always count on some no-name Hollywood actress with top knockers to walk across the screen and remind your penis that it was still alive. That’s changed recently. While the instances of violence have gone up in movies, nudity and sexuality has declined. America, it seems, is getting more stuck up when it comes to sex, and to find the culprit, you needn’t look very far:

It’s why this documentary, “Jesus, Don’t Let Me Die Before I’ve Had Sex“, sounds so fascinating. Billing itself as an honest, non-judgmental look at Evangelical Christianity, the movie aims to mix interviews and stop motion animation to tell the story of young Americans and their quest to find their own sexuality among the confusing messages of their faith. The movie is currently looking for funding on kickstarter, so if you have a few bucks lying around, I suggest heading over to their page pronto: in a little over a week, their fundraising campaign will come to a close. Please be generous if the project sounds interesting to you.

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