American Atheist new Billboards advertise in Arabic and Hebrew

American Atheist new Billboards advertise in Arabic and Hebrew

Despite living in a (supposedly) secular environment, many Americans are unwilling to identify themselves as Atheists for fear of losing their jobs, their loved ones, or the community bond they have worked so hard to forge. In some extremely isolated communities, potential non-believers may be completely unaware that millions of others don’t subscribe to any religion. Often, this knowledge alone can make the transition less terrifying.

That’s the impetus behind American Atheist’s latest billboard campaign: a Hebrew and an Arabic ad will now be featured in predominantly Islamic and Jewish neighborhoods. The ads – familiar to anyone who has seen their “God is just a myth” campaign – are admittedly a little bland: they consist of a basic gradient background and some Helvetica thrown into the mix (or is it Arial?). Still, while we may wonder if these kinds of tactics will have any immediate effect, I believe that in the long term, Atheism gains more visibility and that’s ultimately the goal. Religions don’t generally fear other faiths, since it’s rare for individuals to apostatize. It’s far more likely that they abandon their religion altogether when push comes to shove, and it’s that fact that has led many faiths to try and cooperate with one another against a common enemy: reason. The more people are aware of an alternative to fairy-tale bullshit, the bigger we get.

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