There’s a reason we all love Jessica Ahlquist

Remember a few months back when young student Jessica Ahlquist fought to have prayer banners taken down at her school? Since then, she’s received death threats, been called an “evil little thing” by her state representative, and managed to secure herself roughly 40k in scholarship monies from atheist organizations. Here she is on CNN discussing how she lost her faith, and why Rhode Island State Representative Peter Palumbo is a petty bitch (my words).

Listening to the interview, it becomes obvious why she’s become such a darling of the scene: she’s smart, articulate, pretty, and she seems to have a natural rapport with the camera. She also manages to make her detractors seem like ignorant douchebags. What else can you ask for?

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    Wow. What a strong, honest and positive individual!

    I salute you Jessica!

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    Whoo! I love this girl! I’m like 27 so it would probably be widely inappropriate for me to say this. ;p

    I really like how she came to her realization through thoughts of fairness, like why god wasn’t helping people less fortunate than her. Not a lot of Christians seem to care about that much, do they?

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