Because Religious Dictators are so much better..

“Our Freedom comes from God”

I’ve heard this argument before. Apparently when you’re living in a delusional bubble, only an all powerful entity can grant people the freedom to damn themselves to an eternity of hellfire. Wow, sure sounds like a fair deal.

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    I don’t believe in your god, Pat. My freedoms come from the government of my country whom I voted in, and the governments of my country for the past few hundred years who have rejected the tyranny of the religious.

    Also, don’t go down that pathetic route of saying an atheistic, secularist government would be a dictatorship. It wouldn’t. People like me, who don’t believe in a supernatural being controlling our lives, do not immediately slip into murder, as evidenced by the many studies on prison populations. We take ALL sides of an issue and reach a consensus on what is best for ALL.

    Can you imagine what a country entirely ruled by Catholics would be like? Well, if the Pope had his way there would be no abortion, no condoms and one very large palace made of pure gold for him to sit in. Is that good for the country? Is that good for the citizens? You only have to look to Iran/Syria/Egypt/etc. to see that religious ideas should not be involved in policy-making.

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    brian atherton

    is anyone else having trouble with the new format the pages are taking forever to open and i cant play the podcasts i cant download them either the site recognizes me as a hard core member butwhen i try to download them im prompted to sign up to amember but that service does not recognize my email username or password i dont know how to contact jake about this if someone knows whats going on please post here and let me know

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    Jacob Fortin

    The site is just a little slow, but that’s because of how many people are downloading the shows. If I can get more people to sign up next month, I’ll be able to afford better hosting

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