TGA Podcast: Episode 158 1/2

We’re back, and we’re announcing the ‘Save The Good Atheist Campaign’. This month, we’ll be featuring a bunch of bonus shows for free, all gearing up for our big relaunch. Carisa joins me as we also discuss death.

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    Leviathan is a Jewish sea monster I am pretty sure. Other than that, sounds a bit like you need a manager. Someone to remind you like “hey good idea but it’s not what you’re really about.” Good to see you’re supporting the members again though.

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    A Jewish Sea Monster… so presumably circumcised then?

    Now there’s a story for mythology- “The Shucking of the Leviathan’s Foreskin”

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    yeah, I agree with Bruce on the manager thing…to help you stay focused. BUT, finding one for free would be the ultimate goal here gents!

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    And hey Carisa, watch it with the “before 1978” talk you young whipper-snapper!

    I’m one of those “old timers”, and I’ll bet you a shilling that I know more than most about computer gubbinry (though I am a coder so…).

    *goes away and shouts at clouds*

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    Anonymous Atheist

    If you’re looking at stock photos that would cost $40 to use on your blog, you’re just not looking at the right sites! I don’t know what you were looking at, but there are other stock (microstock) sites where the prices are low for most uses, priced by size of the image you receive (blogs needing only a very small one) and intended usage.

    For example: ( )

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