Can we really claim that?

I realize that when you’re trying to make a billboard express an esoteric point, there will be occasions when you’ll fail to make the point. Attempting to reach out to people feeling isolated by their unbelief is a challenge, no doubt about it. It’s why I’m going to try and be nice to this billboard that has recently appeared in Orange County, which claims that: “Atheist make better lovers (after all, no one is watching)”.

Maybe I don’t like it because it intuitively feels untrue (not very scientific, I know). The hottest sex is the kind that’s forbidden, and religious people have all kinds of arbitrary rules that give them a huge advantage in that department. It doesn’t help that according to some studies, smart people tend to have less sex than their idiot counterparts, even when they get married. Let’s not forget that for some, thinking that they are being watched is actually a turn-on. All of this conspires to make me think that this ad is a big fail. I don’t think it’s a claim we can really back up. Sorry people. If it’s any comfort, smart people tend to get more satisfaction out of sex, which means we could claim that it’s more rewarding when you’re a non-believer.

It’s not all bad, though. Ray Comfort, that mustachioed buffoon still trying to prove that fairy-tales are real, got his panties all twisted up when he saw it:

Atheists have to have a reason to get out of bed each day, so they dream up things that give them a reason to exist,” said Comfort, who regularly confronts well known atheists for their nonbelief. “They are bored, and this is sadly how they get kicks.”

Dream up things to give them a reason to exist? Um, that kind of sounds like every single religion that has ever existed, old buddy. Have you ever wondered if Ray’s unconscious isn’t trying to tell him something?

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