Bible Stories Cover Art

This week, I’ve taken a bit of a break from writing to focus on the cover. I’ve decided to create a Kickstarter account (I’m actually going to use Indigogo, but you get the idea), and that means I want to have the concept for the cover done to help make my pitch stronger. It turns out these kinds of sites attract all kinds of patrons, and I want to showcase my skills and build a strong anticipation for the book.

A few days ago, I put up a rough sketch, and since then I’ve been working frantically to improve it. I bought a ridiculously large drawing pad (as the pencil will attest to) in order to make every detail shine. By the time I’m done, it’ll be the greatest thing I’ve ever illustrated, a fitting testament to my commitment in making this book something I can be proud of. I also wanted to showcase my skills as a way of attracting patrons who will want to contribute more and get their face plastered on one of these suckers (I plan on drawing a total of six of these, depending on how much time they take). I’ve decided on a price for this patronage: 250 bucks. So what do you think, guys and gals? Is it exciting?

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