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I’ve had an image in my head ever since I’ve thought about writing “Bible Stories”, based on a very famous drawing of Gustave Doré entitles “Jacob Wrestles with the Angel”. I’ve wanted to do my own subversive version, so this weekend I put pencil to paper to produce a rough sketch. It was then that I was hit with a flash of inspiration: why not offer some potential patrons the opportunity to be featured in the illustrations i’m preparing for the book? For a few hundred dollars, these new patrons would literally have their faces in the book.

In any case, the point is this: my goal is to secure 10k in pre-sales by the first of June, and I will be offering special patron prices for those with some loose cash and a strong desire to see this project fulfilled. It’ll also be an opportunity to be “immortalized” in my book, knowing that you played an integral role in making it happen.

I’m working frantically to finish the sample book cover and set up the “kickstarter” account (a more international version with the same idea) by the begining of March. After that, it’ll be pushing to get these pre-sales to catch fire. If all works well, TGA will be back on track!

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    Damn, I’d forgotten that you were an artist. Since you’re looking for money, aren’t we all?, you should totally leverage that talent and come up with a design to submit to my favourite T-Shirt site:


    Artists retain copyright on their work and they pay you $1.00 USD for every shirt they sell, not bad considering they only charge $10.00 bucks for the shirts!

    Mashups of pop culture tend to sell well, apparently you like video games :-D, and if you have a website, perhaps JacobFortinProductions.com, you could put up a few other designs that will build buzz around you; throw in a CafePress.com style web-store (let them handle all that nasty payment stuff) and you could get a nice little unrelated side project going that could provide you with another source of income.

    And just in case you’re thinking “scam”, I have enough Tee-Fury to go an entire month without having to do any laundry. 🙂 The shirts are really high quality and even after multiple washes they haven’t faded or peeled.


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    Don’t know if you’ve seen this pic yet; it’s been floating around on the ‘net for a couple years:


    By the way, that’s some damn fine work ya got goin’ on there…

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    That’s a small price to be immortalized.

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