Kidnapped for Christ

Is your child starting to doubt the mythology you’ve worked so hard to ingrain? Are they behaving in a way that doesn’t conform with your limited world view? Why not kidnap them and ship them over to the Dominican Republic where they’ll be forced to do exercise and menial labor to help set them “straight” (often quite literally).

How is any of this legal? How are these people not in jail for kidnapping and causing people duress. Oh, I know! They cloak themselves in the protective blanket of religion, and voila, holding people against their will isn’t frowned upon anymore.

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    I think Hollywood directors should stop producing crap horror movies like Saw 15, and just dredge the evil Christian adults swamp for fresh, rotting, reality-based material that will make even small dictators blush.

    I would definitely say that kind of activity is flagrantly illegal. And if it’s not, there are massive holes in our law books. Those young people should sue their parents for that kind of callous treatment. I thought Jesus Camp was bad (and it still very much is), but forcibly shipping your kid off to a third world country, while in the hands of some shady foreign organization whose sole purpose is to beat the Bible into you, labor camp style? Any parent that has done this should be brought up on federal charges. I wouldn’t blame a single one of these people if they never wanted anything to do with such horrific parents ever again.

    Look at what sadistic filth some Christian parents engage in. And meanwhile, it’s the atheists that are distrusted more than rapists…

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    Rafael Lacerda

    Isso é horrível.Um campo de concentração nos tempos modernos.é um abuso a os direitos humanos desses adolescentes.não é possível que ninguém faça nada para salva-los desse lugar?

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    WTF. These people are sick. Renaming kidnapping doesn’t change what it is..

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