A Ray of Hope, perhaps?

I won’t lie to you folks: things have been tough. My financial struggles notwithstanding, site troubles had conspired to sap the last ounce of enthusiasm I had about running this crazy operation. With the indignity of moving back in with my Mom (with a fiancée in tow, no less), the humiliation seemed complete. There’s nothing like hitting rock bottom to learn that you’re a lot tougher than you expected.

Once the mild depression began to wear itself out I renewed my efforts writing the book. As time went on, I could feel the life coming back into my fingers. Every day the words seemed to come at me a little more effortlessly than a day before. So much so that I’ve seen the potential light at the end of the book tunnel. I now recognize the absolute necessity of completing “Bible Stories”, especially at a time when religionists continue to accuse atheists of being ignorant on some particular part of their belief. I admit as much, and it’s now become my immediate priority to become an expert at their specific nonsense to eliminate this wiggle-room we’ve allowed them. The book will be a complete evisceration of the Bible, from its history to the messages behind the stories, I hope that by completing my study of this book, I will be able to offer every reader the most compelling and powerful ammunition against Bible thumpers. More importantly, the book will make a mockery of Judaism and its sister sect, Christianity. The use of humor and ridicule is the most powerful weapon we have against religion, and I intend on making “Bible Stories” a cornerstone of this idea.

My plan, if all goes well, will be to complete the first chapter of the book and to offer it up for pre-sale (it seems to be the thing to do online). This is still a formidable challenge: I need about 1/4 of listeners to buy the book in advance to allow me the resources to devote myself to the project full time. As you may have guessed, the Internet is not an easy place to get people to part with their hard earned money. This is why I plan on offering the free audiobook to anyone who pre-orders. Hopefully, this tactic will suffice in enticing you in supporting this new enterprise, but you never know.

I figured this way, I have literally no choice but to finish the book, and this allows me to save my precious site from becoming simply a repository of my past work. My priorities may still be geared towards the immediate, but I haven’t lost sight of the big goal. I began this whole project with a book in mind, and I’m going to finish it, no matter what obstacles!

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