Mailbag Part:1

As promised, I’m collecting for the gigantic, answer every question till we drop mailbag show. The way I figure it, since I’ve only just recently fixed the website issues, there’s no way to know how long it’ll take people to get all caught up to date. I’ll be posting this a few times to make sure I get everyone who ever wanted to ask a question a chance to. I’ve learned over the past few years that it takes a while to reach some of you. The past few months must have seemed as though I just vanished off the face of the Internet. For half the world, it certainly felt that way!

So, what’s on your mind, people?

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    Would you theoretically pretend to be a Christian to not scare a girl off, if she seemed pretty cool?

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    I don’t have any atheism themed questions, so I’ll just ask some random ones…

    What is your favorite:
    -TV Show
    -Shakespearean play

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    What kind of ceremony will you and Carisa have when you get married? More importantly, are TGA fans invited?

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    Larry the Oracle

    Jacob, why are you so damn lazy?, you want so much and it seems that you do so little, I’m sorry but its the truth, you always talk about projects, and for me at least I have a sense (I don’t know if it’s actually accurate) that you are on the lazy side of things?

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    Jacob I remember on one of your episodes you mentioned that you liked to tease gay guys or make fun of them, could you please expand on that and how did you change?

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    I’m a lucid dreamer. Do you think it’s possible to communicate with your subconscious by asking questions to your dream figures or are the answers received nothing more than fabrications of the dream? AND will you continue to talk about atheism in your new podcast, or this this topic out the window from now on? I will miss TGA!!!

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