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Since announcing that I will no longer be recording podcasts in the near future, a number of fans have asked if TGA will be shut down or closed. While I don’t plan on recording NEW podcasts, I would like to take some time to re-master my old work, piece together my favorite posts over the years, and find bloopers and gems that never made it to the shows.

The whole reason I started the podcast in the first place was to write my book. Over the years, my focus on the show took all the time and energy I wanted to devote to the book and put it elsewhere. This is my chance, now, to try and finish it. I’m enjoying doing the research for “Bible Stories”, which is the subject and title I’ve settled with. You guys seemed to flip out over those, so why not give you what you want?

There’s been some talk among the hard-core fanbase of changing TGA into a forum site in my absence. I like the idea, but would remind everyone that it would require some serious dedication from people who like the show. As one commentor put it, it’s the ATTITUDE of TGA that they will miss. Well, although I’ve cultivated this attitude for a number of years, I don’t own it.

I’ll be recording another 5 shows before hanging up the gloves, including a last mailbag episode where I promise to answer all your questions. I’ll be leaving on a high note. My biggest fear was continuing to do the podcast while working and having to witness the quality go down. I just couldn’t live with myself if I started producing crappy shows.

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    Thanks for ending on a high note and doing a few more shows and not just dissappearing and leaving us with the shakes. I am sure many of us wish we could write you a larger check than we did, but like me have slowly been racking up debt for various reasons out of their control. Have you thought of selling pre-orders for the book to help out your transition? Perhaps some TGA bible story themed shirts. I can pay for more stuff after next month when the spousal support is done 🙂 No matter what I’ll send another payment to help and to say thanks for all the good work.

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