Unbelievably bad

There are two things that raced through my mind when I listened to this tragedy of a song:

#1. Why do so many white people think that to rap effectively, one has to be completely tone deaf? (I’m looking at you, Blondie)
#2. You can sell any piece of crap as long as you put a cross on it.
#3: Christianity is a creepy death cult. If it hadn’t been part of your culture for so long, you’d realize that their rapturous embrace of eschatology borders on insanity. The early church fathers were so convinced that Jesus was going to end the world that they discouraged people from marrying or having kids. Once that bearded hippy started looking like he wasn’t coming back, they switched gears a little, but their incessant need to believe in his return isn’t only crazy: it’s dangerous. Does no one accept the possibility that one day, one of these nutjobs with enough power might want to “speed things up” a little when it comes to the end of the world?

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    If I had recently been in a car accident and lost half my brain, I could still produce something much better than this in an afternoon using GarageBand, some kitchen utensils, and a deftly-squeezed cat for the vocals.

    Thumbs down.

    Jacob, congrats on the engagement!

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    Nothing says thug life like a bunch of white people dressed for Sunday morning mass. What is it about showing your entire family – including the ones that can’t even sing as a matter of development – as a portrait for your album cover? I’m buying your music, not your family photography. I could care less what your significant others look like. Must be a bad hold-over from the Carter Family era…

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