Does no one get the point of this song?

This might be a minor grievance, but why do religious folks insist on singing “Imagine” when the song is so clearly anti-religious? I know it’s beautiful and melancholic, but surely they realize that the whole point of John Lennon’s immortal ballad is a call for peace and love by abandoning ideologies that needlessly divide us. Sure, it’s a song of peace, but it lays out the way to get there pretty fucking effectively. The “imagine no heaven/ no hell” line is meant to illustrate just how sick and twisted these kinds of ideas are. Eternal torment for refusing to believe that a 2000 year old Palestinian Jew was a God? Yeah, fucking prince of peace my ass.

Still, it doesn’t stop assholes from appropriating the songs and changing the lyrics to make it appear in favor of religion rather than against it. Here are a few things to keep in mind when singing John Lennon’s “Imagine” song:

#1. The song speaks out against patriotism, religion, and materialism. It is not a glorification of ideologies that causes needless suffering.
#2. Replacing “and no religion too” with “All religion is true” is the equivalent of kicking John Lennon in his rotting testicles.

We already have so few atheist songs; hearing some religious douchebag slaughter the words just hurts, man.

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    I think he either A) gets the point of the song, but is appropriating it and its message to further his own career; or B) he doesn’t get the point of the song and merely thinks everyone in the world is as dumb as he clearly is.

    I vote B.

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    ‘all religion is true’ ? What does that even mean? I’m not sure its even that vile a concept. Its just strange.

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    Oh no edit, ok, sorry last post on this. It also means that all gods are true. There’s a concept. We’d have aliens, spaghetti monsters, Thor, Zeus and Jupiter. I can’t even fathom the ramifications.

    Also, on emor ething right here. That’d mean they’d have to have ‘imagine’ their religion is true. It’d be as if it was not before…

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    Imagine there’s no heaven… And all religion is true. That’s stupid and we all know. However, what I find funnier is when he sings out about anti-materialism and ending world hunger. The man is 40kg overweight wrapped in fur and his jewelery probably costs more than the average man or woman makes in a year.

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    I agree that he shouldn’t be changing lyrics of classic songs to suit his own ideology, but at the end of the day it’s a cover. Covers usually suck. To make a big fuss about his screwing up Imagine, is to somewhat imply that you expected him to produce a decent cover of the song, and why would you make that assumption? Jeff Buckley’s Hallelujah and Hendrix’s All Along the Watchtower are few and far between. And that’s fine, Lennon’s Imagine didn’t get deleted off my iPod when Cee Lo here fucked it up.

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