The End is near!

It’s finally upon us, folks! A date that dumb people are convinced will bring on the end of the earth, and everything we care about. Since I’m not too nervous about it, I’ll wish you all a Happy New Year instead!

Oh, and podcasts and posting goes back to normal starting tomorrow. Now there’s a bit of good news.

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    J.N. Hudson

    I am counting down the days until the laughter and the mocking begins. I am so sick of all the “documentaries” that propagate this outright lie that the Mayans attached any significance to 2012, much less predicted the end of the world, global consciousness elevation, pole shift, or . This has added enjoyment for me by virtue of the fact that I was raised in a family of christian fundamentalists who’s church makes this idiotic assertion that the Mayans were “secret christians” who predicted the day Iran would launch a nuclear attack on the US and all true christians would be raptured (Note: They believe that “true christians” can only be found in the US.)

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