Cindy Jacobs “mobilizing” thousands of morons to do nothing

Mobilizing 10,000 people to pray! Wow, how amazing. Think of all the good you can do by sitting in a dark room and talking to yourself all day.

So, if you want God to interfere with human affairs (and apparently throw this whole “free will” idea out the window when it’s inconvenient), you just need to stop eating for several days, followed by imperceptibly mumbling to yourself. Sounds good to me!

“Imagine with me half a million people praying for a nation.”

Praying for what? The economy to recuperate? For the poor and indigent to finally get their due? Nope. She just wants to get rid of abortion and gay marriage. That’s the kind of priorities you can expect from someone who sits very still and begs their imaginary friend for shit they want.

(via Christian Nightmares)

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    Donald Morton

    What gets me is the people who see nothing wrong with this. Nothing wrong with people being deluded? Then why bother treating mentally ill people? Oh, that’s right. Because there are repercussions to being crazy.

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    In Utah

    Such a cheap, plastic smile. Sort of a death cult smile.

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    Nathan Reese

    Did she just suggest that people can fast water completely for 21 days? I can only hope that some people take her up on this offer.

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    An old video considering she mentions the 2012 US Presidential election. Obviously her little scheme didn’t work out o well at the polls. “God is not an elephant or a donkey. He is a lamb.” Yeah…a lamb with fangs, talons, and a real taste for human flesh.

    The first sentence she utters is the perfect example of what Hitchens said about people misappropriating – either by choice or through accepted cultural behavior – the currency of respect and admiration through the use of self-appointed titles like reverend. She claims to have two doctorates, surprise surprise, both in BS like “divinity” and so on. She insults the term “doctor” by giving herself that title (as does anyone else who uses that title while holding a doctorate in BS), and then vomits Christian Right propaganda. Hmm, they will support candidates who vote their way against abortion, against gay marriage, and for “Biblical values”? Seems to me the lie of omission is the least of the charges that could be laid at their feet. Support for any candidate from either party…so long as that party is red, has a pachyderm for their symbol, and goes by “GOP”. Little surprise her shop of horrors is in Texas, home of charlatan David Barton, which is another line of dangerous falsehood she included.

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