If TV existed in Biblical Times

I love the way this video is put together: it combines sharp visuals with brilliant satire. Be sure to read some of the captions at the bottom. My favorite so far is “Paper Just a Fad says Scribe.” Classic.

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    6 stars outta 5. Pretty good CGI to boot

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    Top notch stuff.

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    That was priceless. My favorite part was the night vision view of fire fights against the silhouette of the pyramids. This captures the absurdity of the last 20 years of 24/7 cable news perfectly, and even seems to throw a couple jabs at the BBC for how above-it-all their delivery comes off sometimes.

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    Very good work! The actors playing the Talking Head and Commentators were excellent. Some of the actors playing other parts looked a little phony, but that’s okay. The ribbon at the bottom was very pointed in its satire. I wonder how many people watching this caught a same vibe we get when the Palestinian/Israeli conflict is covered in a similar way?

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