This idiot makes us all look bad

As some of you may know, I am not an American. I’m your neighbor from the Great White North (who is supposed to spell neighbor with a “u” but doesn’t to avoid confusion), which means that my attitude regarding finances and politics tends to be more on the left than your average apple pie baking Good Old Boy. I was born in the province of Quebec, perhaps the most socialist of all the provinces in this country. I live in a place where access to medicine isn’t likely to send you to the poorhouse, and our myriad social programs (probably too many, in fact) help low income families have access to food, shelter and even dental care. While it’s true that our country is currently in debt, that amount is still much lower than the US, even after you compensate for our different population.

Canada has much stricter regulations regarding banking and finance, which allowed our country to avoid the same financial crisis that cost American Taxpayers a whopping 7 trillion dollars to fix. While this country does consider itself open to the idea of the free market, evidently our citizens are overwhelmingly in the majority of wanting some degree of regulation over the way business is conducted. Whether or not you agree that regulations hinder or help economies prosper, these philosophies have NOTHING to do with our belief about God. Of course, this isn’t the opinion of one commenter¬†on the site who seems convinced that only a Darwinian model is something we non-believers should be interested in:

Atheist Republican here… Atheists should have more in common with free market capitalist Republicans over social welfare democrats purely on a Darwinian view of survival of the fittest through competition. Yes, the Republican Party is hijacked by social evangelicals, but overlooking this fact atheists should be working within the GOP to counter balance this

So, because we believe in evolution, we should suddenly embrace its cruelty, waste, and directionless? That hardly sounds wise to me. Besides, this seems only to lend credence to the idea that non-believers are heartless cynics who think only of themselves. I think you’ll find, dear commenter, that the vast majority of us don’t believe in this nonsense. We disdain people who improperly use science to support bogus theories of economics. If you want to argue that free market capitalism is most effective when completely devoid of any restrictions, I’d be happy to participate in such a debate. When you argue that my atheism should support what I regard to be an insensitive, destructive and ultimately inhumane philosophy (Social Darwinism), then you’ll have guys like me telling you to fuck off. If you want me to support a party of religious fundamentalists in order to have few regulations in an economy already on the edge of collapse, then you’ve got another thing coming, pal.

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    Ouch… a post because some commenter has a kind of silly confusion between is and ought.

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    This commenter apparently doesn’t know evolution well either, because it’s also about strategy, and not just which animal can conquer most quickly and efficiently. This person’s post does play into the hands of the religious conservatives that claim a largely atheist world would be ruled by uncontrollable violence and insurmountable hurdles to good ethical behavior. So what does he propose we do with the less fortunate/wealthy? Let them die? And why is empathy such an evil thing? I’m really getting sick of this line of thinking. It’s quite base and banal, and erodes the capability we as humans have for thought, analysis, and adaptation. It reduces us, essentially.

    Atheist conservatives are far from being immune to crank politics. A friend of mine told me about an Obama-hating atheist she works with, who doesn’t believe in a god, but seems to take every conspiracy yarn about Obama at face value.

    As far as working with the GOP goes, lotsa luck. Homosexual conservatives are having such a great go at that…and last I checked, the GOP is still operating 100% under the shadow cast by George HW Bush’s belief that all atheists are neither true citizens nor patriotic. There’s a reason there appear to be so few atheist conservatives (that don’t call themselves Libertarians); if they said something, they’d probably be ushered from the room regardless of how politically aligned they were.

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    Luc Leblanc

    So, a fellow atheist made a somewhat bad analogy and got slammed in a long post because of it? Wow.

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    In Utah

    Doesn’t make me look bad.

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    Don’t feed the trolls jake!

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    I applaud the ridiculing being done. We cannot afford to shelter people who make blind assertions especially on a site focused on berating those who make them. Does no one see the connection between the comment and religious arguments? I don’t care how much inner reflection you did to arrive at this conclusion. This isn’t philosophy class. Bring your facts or STFU.

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    J.N. Hudson

    “Atheists should have more in common with free market capitalist Republicans over social welfare democrats”

    Why? What does my atheism tell you about my beliefs and opinions other than the fact that I do not hold to a belief in any god or gods?

    “purely on a darwinian view of survival of the fittest through competition.”

    Darwin’s theory of evolution through natural selection describes a biological process, not a social one or an economic one. “Fitness”, in an evolutionary sense, is determined through adaptation and ability to survive long enough to breed, not competition. The fossil record is replete with examples of apex species that died out because they could not adapt.

    But even more to the point, atheism does not require, nor does it imply an acceptance of darwinian evolution, and it doesn’t say anything else about a person other than they lack belief in any number of deities.

    “Yes the Republican Party is hijacked by social evangelicals”

    No shit… Really?

    “but overlooking this fact atheists should be working within the GOP to counter balance this”

    That fact is what keeps many fiscally and socially conservative atheists away from the republican party. The GOP is simply far more invested in pandering for the evangelical vote than it is in being the “big tent” party of decades past.

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    C Conti

    To claim that Atheist should sympathize with the Republican party due to some misguided interpretation of the theory of evolution is laughable.

    The GOP , especially in recent years is an amoral, unscientific refuge for kooks and ignoramus. Why would I want to join a party that wants to see me censored and marginalized?

    And why should I think that Survival of the Fittest is a good model for the economy?

    I don;t particularly like Survival of the fittest in nature. I have a hard time seeing one animal eating or cause anguish to another.
    I just realize that it is the way it works so instead of deluding myself with a benevolent god that allows atrocities to exist I prefer to have a rational approach to what nature is.

    Applying the same philosophy to human society is a horrible idea. Of course, some survival of the fittest in business is indeed preferable. The more efficient company sells more products.
    But taken to its logical conclusion would mean having no regulations at all and allow banks, insurance companies and other operators to make money on the shoulder of the weakest. Usually us.

    Do we really want to go back to the days when our rivers were cesspools of noxious chemicals? Do we really believe the “Clean Coal Coalition” that we should tell the EPA to “Slow Down”. All in the name of jobs?

    The republicans don;t give a hoot about our environment, they only care about their cronies. If there was any doubt about it, the last tax controversy, the one where “taxes pay for themselves” if they benefit the rich but suddenly they don’t if they benefit the middle class should convince anyone that these guys have no morals and no integrity.

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    Let’s take a little closer look at biology. What do we get when we remove the mechanisms regulating cell growth within our body?


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