Satan was here

So, what do you do when your neighbors think you’re a satanic weirdo and the local car show doesn’t want you to take part in any of their reindeer games? Well, one option is to create a gigantic light show expressing your anger and allegiance to the devil.

Jackie Blevins built the display over a week ago. “[I] put this sign up here on the building because of what has happened right here,” Blevins said as he pointed to cars he refinished with skulls and devil’s horns.

I have a feeling Jackie is a bit of a joker, and this seems like a pretty effective way to express his disdain for the Bible thumpers at the local car shows. Now, as you may have guessed, some of the locals aren’t too pleased at this satanic display.

“Knowing that a child could ask a parent is Satan really there? Is Satan in his home? What is a parent supposed to say to a child,” Jones told News 5 Friday.

Well, you could try teaching your kids not to believe in ancient desert myth, but hey, that’s just a crusty atheist talking.

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