Rick Perry continues his quest to be an ignorant douche-bag

Can you believe that gays serve openly in the military? Well, that shit won’t fly when Rick is in power. No sir, every gay man and woman will have to remain in the closet again, to live out the rest of their lives in shame. Their very lifestyles are an affront to “Christian” values, and they are therefore less worthy of the same rights as everyone else. It was faith that created this country, first by declaring that only white people had the right to be free, and later, this courtesy was expanded to include only heterosexuals as well. See how it works now? Good thing Rick is here, otherwise we would have a country full of horrible equality where a book of fairy tales wasn’t dictating every aspect of your life. Man, that future sounds terrifying, doesn’t it?

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    Threw up a little in my mouth there…

    If I can paraphrase that monstrosity of a video:
    “I’m a bigot, and I know you are too. So, I’ll do my best to remove the freedoms that we both know those people don’t deserve.”

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    Nathan Reese

    He went full fundie, he’s in desperation mode.

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    That message is so full of fail its unbelievable.

    Someone who has such a an obvious lack of historical knowledge simply doesn’t deserve to be president. “Religious history”? Do you mean the part where the government isn’t allowed to endorse one religion over an other? Or the part about how the Establishment Clause was set up the way it was to prevent the persecution of those with differing beliefs by their own governments?

    Not to mention his rank homophobia and obvious desire to turn America into a theocratic police state. I mean fuck, kids can’t pray in school? Really? Last time I checked you can’t stop someone from praying silently to themselves. Oh, I get it, you want government sponsored and endorsed prayer where *everyone* has to participate whether they’re a “Christian” or not.

    Its sad that I, as a Canadian, know more about the Secular history of America than the guy who wants to run the country. Its even sadder still that of the crop of people running against Obama for 2012 Rick Perry isn’t even the craziest Whack-A-Doodle running! And he’s a crazed Whack-A-Doodle!

    Fuck. I don’t really worry about crazed Muslims with biological or nuclear weapons, I’m more worried about the US. If the way things Stateside are starting to look take shape, we’ll have a guy (or girl) sitting on top of the most technologically advanced arsenal on the planet and the power to push the big red button than can end us all.

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    My goodness. We don’t get folk quite like him in the UK. (Thank Dawkins). He obviously thinks he’s soooooo pure, wholesome and squeaky-clean. Makes me squirm, if not physically throw up. What an ego-trip this man must be on!

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    C Conti

    I got a good chuckle from his “brokeback mountain” jacket flap yesterday. Of course, I am not so blind as not to know that in some part of the country that jacket style is pervasive and everyone wears it…

    But it’s still funny 🙂

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    Look at the likes to dislikes ratio… It’s quite relieving!!! don’t worry people haha

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