The Muppets are brainwashing your kids!

Can you believe the nerve of these Hollywood people? They dare to brainwash our kids with movies depicting oil executives as evil people. Why, that’s just not true! Did you know all oil executives are cuddly teddy-bears that care deeply for the environment and for the future of children? Sure, you might think that these people are leveraging our future in order to make record profits, or that corporations like Shell aren’t afraid of getting mixed up with brutal military juntas that kill anyone that gets in the way of the oil flowing. Those are just nasty rumors propagated by bearded hippies who make sock puppets in an attempt to moralize to our youth.

I love this idea that the Hollywood movie industry “hates” big corporations, despite the fact that the place is run by some of the largest companies on the planet. These are the same people that want to stifle the creativity of the Internet because they are afraid of people downloading their shitty movies for free. Yeah, clearly these guys hate money.

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    Projection at it’s finest. Right wing Christians see the brainwashing of kids everywhere, I wonder why…

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    I love the cognitive dissonance on display here. He’s railing against a children’s show having an agenda, then says, “Maybe they should have the food stamp muppets, the hungry muppets, and then have the evil person be the Obama administration. After all, under Obama, food stamp usage has gone up fourty per-cent.”

    Yes, because an agenda inserted into a children’s program is only a bad idea when it’s the opposing team’s agenda, and social programs to feed people are a bad thing.

    Perhaps I’m still a little disturbed by the news today out of Texas where a woman shot her two children and killed herself because she was denied social assistance — specifically food stamps — repeatedly, but I don’t think it’s time for Fox News to be declaring that everyone has easy access to all the food they need.

    That the talking heads immeaditely start talking over the proffessor — that I assume they invited on the show — as soon as she says something that doesn’t strictly adhere to their agenda is really telling. “Oh no, that’s off message! Shots fired! Shots fired! Abort.”

    That they ended on the Seven Deadly Sins, is staggering. Nothing like invoking religion when facts aren’t on your side. Just don’t mention Greed, because apparently that’s actually a good thing after all. Actually Pride’s probably not so bad either. Hell, a bit of Gluttony never hurt anyone, either. You’ve earned. And we all know Wrath’s just day to day business.

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    C Conti

    Like the Muppets invented stories where the bad guy is some evil rich guy going against the hero. Does FoX NEWS want to go and review every movie and book with a similar theme? They’ll need a channel just for that.

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    In Utah

    Hey everybody! The Muppets are the new Taliban!

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    Next time a conservative decries political correctness, show them this clip.

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    I evolved from an ape, whats your excuse?

    This is not fit for the reading level of a fucking 4 year old. Why talk about this shit, and if I hear the phrase ” The Liberal Hollywood Media” We all live Liberal lives. Also they are talking about Muppets people, that has nothing to do with SEASAME STREET!!!!! Fuck sake.

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    I Evolved, they think Sesame Street is subversive media too.

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