Michele Bachmann just doesn’t get it

“Every American has the same rights”

Is that so? It certainly doesn’t feel that way, especially when your government makes laws specifically designed NOT to allow gays and lesbians to marry. Well, to be fair, she claims they are allowed to get married: but it must be to someone of the opposite sex. See, we’re all equal! We all get to conform to what Christian nutjobs like Michele wants us to be.

You can feel some sympathy for her though. I mean, she did marry a gay guy, so she must know what she’s talking about!

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    “she claims they are allowed to get married: but it must be to someone of the same sex.”

    Correct that to “opposite Sex”. But we all know what you mean, regardless.

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    Sterling Knight


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    I wanted to put my foot through the face of that non stop clapping dildo.

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    Nathan Reese

    Why did nobody challenge her statement “It’s the law of the land”? There have been a lot of laws that we’ve changed, just saying it’s the law does nothing to support her argument.

    I’m sure she would feel differently if the government allowed prayer in school as long as the students faced Mecca and prayed to Muhammed. Christians would have the same rights to pray in school as Muslims because Muslims wouldn’t be allowed to pray to Jesus either.

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    J.N. Hudson

    I am sick-to-fucking-death of this idiotic and patently false assertion that “the government” has banned or otherwise prohibited the ability of students to pray in school, as if such a thing were even possible. What is disallowed is school sponsored, teacher led, and mandatory sectarian prayer, any child is free to pray whenever and wherever they choose provided that they do not disturb their classmates or otherwise impede the teacher and his or her lesson plan. The same goes for christmas carols.

    Moreover, and I find this the most disturbing, the laws concerning school prayer are clear and unambiguous. For a congressperson with presidential aspirations to be so completely ignorant of basic constitutional law is simply inexcusable and yet another symptom of the glorification of this culture of ignorance that has infected the far right of US politics.

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    JNH, welcome to a group of people who don’t care what the reality is. They need their persecution complex, and if some old angry hag of an atheist in Texas, who got herself killed by one of her socialist own – which is how they see it – got the status quo changed to some “commie” standard, then it’s just the same as the whole thing being outlawed, and the USSR landing on our shores.

    They don’t give a sh!t what the law actually says, what they care about is the shot across the bow for separation of church and state, and in America Christianity must at least be the strong implication, even when it’s not the outright assertion. It also benefits Bachmann, because with her legal background – however much of a sham it is – she can galavant around saying the public school prayer law prohibits any prayer, and her supporters will eat it up because: Why not? She’s got a law degree, she knows best. So she’s a walking standard bearer for the lie that persists because people choose to believe it. I’ve seen it in my own family, even from people who otherwise vote more in my direction. Once they perceive their specific religion being attacked, the persecution complex meter shoots to 9 outta 10, if not full tilt.

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    Jake Pellymounter

    The idiots clapping in the background piss me off

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