Church tells HIV patients to quit medication, rely on God instead

For those of you that still naively believe that believing in nonsense can’t harm you, I present to you reason #1,697,456 why religion is fucking evil: a church called the Synagogue Church of All Nations has apparently been telling some of their parishioners that they don’t need to take their AIDS medication in favor of prayer. As you can guess, a number of premature deaths have occurred, and while officials inside the Church deny having told people to stop taking medication, the organization still claims to have cured a number of cancers in parishioners on its own website. This fact alone should be enough to warrant an investigation, and in anticipation of this, an undercover journalist decided to see just what kinds of claims were being made in this dangerous nuthouse.

The video above is from one of the branches in Southwark, and posing as someone with full blown AIDS, this journalist gets a preview of the kind of dangerous, irresponsible and deadly advice these charlatans are giving sick and desperate people. AIDS medication is extremely effective when taken properly, but these bastards trying to make a quick buck have robbed them of existence. I can see of no greater crime that to steal away a person’s life for one’s personal gain. It absolutely makes me sick.

These fucks also try to sell a whole slew of bullshit products, including anointed water, DVDs and “Partner Training” programs for anyone interested in starting their own deadly franchise. Remember folks: God is all powerful, but he has an insatiable lust for your material possessions. He used to want your best baby goats and lambs; now he just wants all your fucking money.

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    Pretty sure I received an email from this guy telling me that if I wired him $300 he could hook me up with a chunk of Michael Jackson’s estate.

    Joshua apparently covers for himself well by stating that when people come to his church they are indeed healed BUT they must *maintain* faith or they will get sick again. So if they die, it’s their fault not his.

    Seems one of his first jobs was shoveling chicken shit at a poultry farm…so it comes full circle…

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    On a related note you may want to help spread the outrage over the Burzynski clinic and there 200k cancer cure and their Google Maps satellite view image of a teenage critics home.

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    I fucking hate religion!

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    marcus brooks

    i find it a tad peculiar that some folks are willing to accept other amenities associates with modern life: ipods, the internet, SUPER MARKETS. but still insist that their God will cure them of illness. if that’s the paradigm they are living by, why not let God be a panacea for all their woes. Hungry? who needs food!? God will rid the body of hunger. ridiculous.

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