Nate Phelps needs your money

As some of you may know, Nate Phelps, son of the Westboro Baptist Church’s head patriarch Fred Phelps, is an atheist now, and he’s working on a documentary about his life called Nate vs. Hate. In an attempt to garner funds, he’s launched a kickstarter page, but so far, they seem miles away from their goal. They still need to raise over $48,000 in 4 days.

This is why I haven’t bothered trying to use this service for the new TGA site. I know what to expect in terms of money from fellow non-believers. You guys may be loyal listeners, but as it stands now in the atheism scene, the money just isn’t there. Herding Cats is still our moniker, and it’s times like this that you realize just how true that is. Would Nate have the same problem trying to get money to make a documentary on how Jesus changed his life? I doubt it.

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