Britta is the Hotness

I was never a huge fan of the series, although now that I found out that Britta is an atheist, I can’t help but feel I may have misjudged this character who sounds suspiciously like a water filter. Is it wrong that I suddenly went gaga over her?

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    Sterling Knight

    Am I the only one who wants to hear the full version of ‘Jesus Loves Marajuana’?

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    This is probably one of my favorite shows. On the one hand, I can see you disliking it, considering your tendency towards contrarianism; however, I’m surprised that you don’t like it considering its societal commentary. That, and the fact that troy and abed are AWESOME!

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    Jacob Fortin

    The show just never really made me laugh. a couple amusing chuckles, but I need some serious LOLs if I’m going to watch a show (I watched the entire laugh-free first season, and that was enough for me).

    The only show these days that consistently makes me laugh is Fringe, but that’s not something they probably intended to do.

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    She Fights Like A Girl

    “Community” has gotten better. I say give it another look; and I hate sitcoms.

    PS Troy + Abed 4EVA!

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    Steven McDannel

    The show was great not just because 2 of the main characters are atheists. actually one of the characters is atheist and the other one is “agnostic”. The character who is agnostic says often believing God is stupid quite a lot. The people who make the show when ever wen have religion in episode it makes it look completely and utterly ridiculous. Even the episodes that seem to be more “pro-religion” they always put in a little subtle hint that it’s all bull-shit. Community makes fun of religion in such a family-friendly way that you have to be a dick to be offended by.

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    Carisa Hendrix

    I powered through the 2nd season about a week ago, your right it is much better than the first. The “religion is silly” undertones make for extremely satisfying watching.

    On a side note I’m also way on the Troy + Abed love train, but toss Jeff’s character in there two. There’s something in that speech giving bad boy I can’t get enough of.

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    Carisa Hendrix

    oh and not to break your heart but Brita is into homeopathy and ghosts, boo

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