The New Tithe

Man, there are days when I feel like I’m in the wrong profession. My religious counterparts swim in money while I continue to struggle for my existence. Are religious people more generous? Do they think their causes are more important than ours? When will we start seriously supporting secular organizations the way religious people support theirs? Not being a religion, I have to file my taxes and pay the government what little I have while these rich pastors enjoy tax free monies.

There are a few TGA fans that occasionally give more than the minimum. It’s because of these people that TGA still exists (the amount I charge for shows will not become profitable until the podcast grows to roughly 3 times its current size). So, thanks to all of you that have helped keep this operation afloat. If this video makes you feel generous, you are aware that there is a donate button, right?

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    If they’d tax the churches there would be no recession!

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    Bowerick Wowbagger

    Are religious people more generous? Don’t know but they sure are more easily fooled. Not to mention they are threatened with unspeakable torture if they don’t give to the church.
    You should go on and write a “Why God is Real” book. Ironically of course. You can get their most absurd arguments, pack them together and make a fortune out of it.

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    Jacob Fortin

    just to clarify some of the messages I’ve received:

    1. No, advertising doesn’t pay (I had a site 5 times bigger than TGA and the money just wasn’t there)
    2. Affiliate programs aren’t profitable for a website of this size.
    3. I want the site to remain independent of outside influence, so I have no desire to become affiliated with larger networks.

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