The Gaystopo and liberal fascism

You’ve probably noticed the new tactic from bigoted religionists claiming that their rights (specifically the right to discriminate against people for their sexual orientation) are being infringed. Well, this strategy has now morphed into a baseless accusation of fascism by a right wing nutjob named Alan Craig. He’s determined that the threat of wider acceptance of same-sex marriage as a sign of fascism. The author’s clever word for this sheer nonsense is “Gaystopo”.

the hidden hegemonic ambitions of the Gaystapo have been exposed recently by their plans to annex and redefine ‘marriage’. They already have achieved equal rights through civil partnerships, so to covet the word and undermine a foundation-stone of our civilisation – and nurturing place for our children – betrays other more ominous intentions. They want to change our language, manipulate our culture and thereby impose their world-view on us all. Cultural domination is their aim and fascist-type intolerance of politically-incorrect dissent is their weapon. The eradication of marriage as “the life-long union between a man and a woman” is a huge next step along their way.

It’s funny how, when this “cultural hegemony” isn’t specifically Christian, the right suddenly decides that any changes to our attitudes as a culture must inherently be tyrannical in nature. He doesn’t even comprehend the fact that his religion’s main goal is to force THEIR beliefs on others. This is why unconstitutional and grossly homophobic laws like Prop 8 and DOMA make his argument so ironic. Here is an obvious example of a right leaning ideology (the same spectrum that fascism finds itself under) that imposes its set of values on others who don’t share their limited world view. He even has the audacity to call the gay rights movement, and liberalism in general, as “liberal fascism”. The combination of these two words make about as much sense as “Christian thinker”.

When readers started complaining about the author’s use of Nazi imagery, he first tried to claim that he didn’t really believe that the two were comparable, and that he really has a “live and let live attitude”. This brings up the pertinent question: “Why the fuck did you write your article, jackass?”.

I cannot be clearer that I am not, repeat not, saying all gay people are Nazis any more than I’d say all Muslims are Islamists or all Germans were fascists. It would be self-evident nonsense….Obviously they aren’t military or violent, but they are militant, intolerant, hypocritical and vindictive…It’s their way or no way – the totalitarian mind-set.

Yeah, he’s not saying ALL of them are: just enough that their “pink jackboots” footprints can be seen on the necks of poor, hardworking Christians who just want to disapprove of their lifestyle in peace. The problem is that this complete distortion of reality ignores the constant attempts by Christians to impose THEIR values and morals on others. Christians have never really feared totalitarianism; the Catholic Church signed the Reichskonkordat with the Nazis specifically to ensure that their interests would coincide with those of Hitler’s Germany. I find it quite illuminating that when they attempt to use the state to PREVENT gays from marrying, they casually ignore the fact that they themselves have used their power to put their “Jesus jackboots” on the throats of people who simply want to devote their lives to one another, and have the same legal rights as others.

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    C Conti

    There are several things that drive me nuts in regard to the tea party, Fundamentalists, right wingers and their ilk. But the one that absolutely drives me up the wall is their incredible ignorance about the major 20th century ideologies. Nazism, Fascism, communism and Socialism they all look the same to them.

    To them they are interchangeable epithets but it’s clear that even the “intellectuals” among them can barely tell them apart.

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    More evidence that conservatives as the base for a certain political party are lunatics. Liberals are everything bad, including things that are diametrically opposed to what the term “liberal” means. Conservatives don’t have definitions for terms anymore, they only have different ways of saying “evil” and “bad”. To a liberal, “communism”, “fascism”, “nazism”, etc. mean something conceptually. To, apparently, quite a number of conservatives, any one of or all of those terms means essentially “evil” and “bad”, thus worth discounting out of hand and on the spot. They’d probably call a burger they don’t care for evidence of socialism. His non-apology is the standard one I’ve seen several conservatives make; it’s a modified version of “all my best friends are Black”.

    I have to say though, I agree with the second half of that first clip you quoted. I do want to see the language change from hate to acceptance of real people. I do think the culture needs to change to throw off its bigoted ways. I do think the notion that many conservatives hide behind – that being against gay marriage is simply a benign “matter of opinion” – doesn’t deserve serious political consideration as a logically valid position. And yes I do see the restriction of “marriage” for heterosexual couples only to be a now-useless contrivance of tradition and traditionalism.

    So, I think he got it mostly right. Now I’ll just sit and throw back a couple while I watch him scream through his megaphone while he rearranges the deck chairs on his sinking ship.

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    Tequila Stan

    This sort of thing has precedent. If you’ve never read the Pink Swastika, well, that’s okay because there’s better stuff to read. But here it is anyhow:

    This book is partially responsible for the horrible stances on homosexuality in Uganda. It’s the Protocols of the Elders of Zion for gays.

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    Jacob Fortin

    Yeah, I wrote about that book a while ago.

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    “They want to change our language, manipulate our culture and thereby impose their world-view on us all. ”

    Now that’s a bit of hypocrisy, isn’t it?

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    The truth is that there are radical gays. they bully, curse, and belittle anyone who states that homosexuality is wrong, depraved or a sin. when in London: two nuns were holding signs stating that homosexuality is a sin (according the Bible it is. According to normal behavior it is sickening although I could care less if some guy wants to stick his penis in some other guys mouth). They were surrounded by several gay men or supporters. The were cursed, screamed at, spit on, subject to the vilest language imaginable, called bitches, sluts and whores, and jostled. I was waiting for someone to punch them but that didn’t happen, at least while I was there. I had to move on because I was ashamed I didn’t intervene and knock one of these scumbags down, but I also knew I would be the one to go to jail;l in a foreign country. Do you defend that kind of behavior? I wouldn’t do that to gay people if they were holding pro-gay signs and they should not do it to other people.

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