Why are we such meany pants?

Once in a while some confused religious person will venture on the site and express their dismay at the “hate” and intolerance on display. One such visitor felt that the real problem in the world is that folks just don’t do enough to try and respect one another:

a lot of hateful comments from the atheist camp here, why cant people just tolerate each other why are people always finding reasons to hate each other. i know atheists consider themselves better and more intelligent human beings than religious ones, well then if your so much better then why cant you be the ones to lead by example and show some respect and tolerance to others?

I don’t even know what the fuck he’s talking about this “atheists think they are better” nonsense. We just don’t cling to Bronze Age myths and pretend that the “revealed” words of lunatics is anything more than sheer fantasy. In a perfect world where superstitious bullshit didn’t cause wars, genocide, broken families, discourage the use of condoms to fight AIDS or undermine science education, maybe we would be more tolerant. But that’s not the world we live in, and while it’s easy to pretend that you want everyone to get along, it’s only because you haven’t considered the consequences your own beliefs have on society. What we think about the nature of reality has a direct influence in the real world, and until you stop poisoning our minds with complete garbage, we’ll continue to mock your sincerely held beliefs and not apologize for it.

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    Well said Jacob ! I’m really tired of the religious thinking that we should continue cutting them some slack when it comes to their beliefs (especially when being shoved down our throats in government policy). I think this is a symptom of a slowly dying death cult. 😉

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    Ha! It does seem there are fewer gentler (for lack of a better word) people in the atheist camp. The compassionate folks tend to need some sort of God comforter might be a reasonable theory. As a former Christian, I can understand how hard it is to think outside the Christian box if you’ve been raised to believe it. The “truths” seem far from mythical, and even absurdities like talking donkeys only causes brief pause before it is accepted as another reality. The pull toward believing in some sort of defined Ultimate Truth and Meaning is the real anchor. Venturing into the unknown is not for the faint of heart. Atheists are much more courageous and seek to understand reality, accepting whatever that is and trying to refrain from following any sort of psychological or emotional bias. So while we’re not necessarily more intelligent, we do embrace the full capacity of our intelligence and curiosity in ways that I don’t see intelligent Christians do. They always hit that roadblock God put up that reads, “Don’t venture here! You won’t find me!”

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    Well said.

    The “you think you’re better than us” comment can easily turn around to them as well. Also, I live with a religious family who refuses to accept the fact that I don’t believe in a God or religion anymore. See what’s happening with the tolerance issue here?

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    There are different reasons to think you are better than someone. It could be that you are full of shit, or it could be that you are just better. Is that so outrageous? I worked my ass in school every day from the age of 6 all the way through my PhD and I keep working to stay sharp every day. They are yet to read the one book they think is worth reading. I can beat any fundamentalist on their own turf because I have spent the time to read their mythology, unlike 90% of the so called christians.
    Sure I am better. OBJECTIVELY. I see no reason to be ashamed of it. Should I pretend to be dumb to avoid hurting their feelings? Tyson is a better boxer than I am, and I am a better thinker than he is. No shame in that.

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    She Fights Like A Girl

    But, Trin, that’s not the same as claiming to be a better PERSON. Better at [_______] is potentially measurable. Better human being? Eh, that’s not even a THING. However, if you ask a fundie, apparently all one has to do is *claim* belief, and that makes one a better person. You don’t have to actually follow the tenets or anything…

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    C Conti

    Ironic that just about every comment on youtube, forums, essays, blogs and so forth, religionists are clearly of the opinion that they are better than any non-believer.

    I remember a Bill Maher show where a Christian kept trying to rationalize her faith and her attitude toward non-believers and just about every sentence dripped of condescension. She just could help it and Bill had to call her on it.
    Sentences like “atheists are like a blind person that has never seen the light”.

    If they want respect they have to earn it.

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