Intelligent Design on Trial

If you don’t remember the Dover Trials, then this documentary should refresh your memory. I’m not sure how long this video will be up (since I assume it’s probably breaking some annoying copyright law), so you better watch before it’s gone. Recommend that you play it in the background. This puppy clocks in at almost two hours. Enjoy!

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    In Utah

    Is it like this in Canada? Because I am seriously thinking about moving.

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    Nope Canada is practically creationists free. With the exception of Alberta (they allowed students to leave the class).

    That being said the Catholic School board tends to gloss over the idea of evolution. They don’t oppose it. They just don’t talk about it.

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    Sterling Knight

    What bothers me is that it seemed as if all of the science teachers and upset parents were NOT atheist. That was made very clear when most of them were offended by being called an atheist and how the word was being used as an insult. Then again, I forgot that Hitler was an atheist…. -_______-

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    This documentary didn’t tell me anything I didn’t already know, but it was good to see the faces behind this landmark case, and it is a great documentary to show anyone that doesn’t know about the Dover case. I’d have to say they did a damn good job of keeping things largely neutral, while still letting the creationists hang themselves in the minds of viewers.

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    The most important statement is Judge Jones at the end, saying the controversy isn’t over. ID still seems to be heavily supported, even after having been refuted. Then again, I recall some guy last year predicted the world would end, and yet people refuse to accept the fact that nobody can reliably predict when that will happen. So it’s no surprise to see people clinging to ID as if it’s the be-all, end-all, refutation of evolution.
    Phillip Johnson kept referring to the topic as “the evolution story”, which showed his utter contempt for it. Shame he’s a law professor, and has no credentials in any science that might use it. Makes his argument from authority (his) kind of hollow.
    As an older man, I know that not everyone my age or older is so blinded by religion they can’t accept science as an essential part of our civilization. But it’s becoming sadly apparent that we must wait for my generation die off completely before we’ll see this effort fade into background noise, and will then stop influencing what is taught in classrooms.
    In the meantime, the United States keeps getting dumber and dumber, and will eventually fall behind almost every other industrialized nation.

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