While I hate their fucking commercials, I am rather pleased at the news that the Axe Deodorant spray (which smells a lot like hair spray from the 90’s) is causing something of a stir with Christians in South Africa. Apparently they don’t find the thought of an angel renouncing immortality in order to have a gang-bang amusing. Who would have thought?

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    XD Here, Axe is called Lynx, with the unofficial tagline “For that smell of teenage desperation”. I like these adverts, partially for their hint of blasphemy, and partially because I love how they rendered those wings. There’s a second version of this advert where one of the angels manages to move in and become the girlfriend of the guy and jealously protects him from other angels when he sprays on his deodorant.

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    Joseph Scott

    It’s all fine and dandy when they’re angels, but when they lose their wings, it’s just a bunch of nagging broads.

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    I hate Axe, they all smell like crap in aerosol. But hey, they made religious people angry. At least they’re good for something.

    If they want better publicity they should sign Mr. Mustafa’s abs on. ;p

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